Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alfred - Seasons - J.D. Coughlan

Four long horizontal panels.

Panel 1: Side-on view of Alfred standing at Thomas and Martha Wayne's graves. It is Spring, trees and flowers bloom in the background.

CAPTION: Five years ago...

ALFRED: I know you told me to look after him, but I fear he has not put aside his grief for you. He has only twisted it into some kind of... madness.

ALFRED: I... I fear I may not be able to keep my--

Panel 2: Same as above, but it is now Summer. Bright sunshine and clear skies.

CAPTION: Four years ago...

ALFRED: --promise to me that this was not some perverse game to him. And I believed him. He has taken in this... circus boy, this orphan, with an open heart the likes of which I thought he had lost long ago.

ALFRED: Congratulations. You have a grand--

Panel 3: As above, this time Autumn. Brown, falling leaves, grey skies and a slight breeze.

CAPTION: One year ago...

ALFRED: --childlike since his return; making plans and travelling all over the world. To get him back was a miracle, but to see him like this... it's an unrivalled joy. He's almost just like he was before--

Panel 4: Again, as above, now Winter. Snow on the ground.


ALFRED: --that night you were taken from us I lost two of my closest friends. And while I would give anything to undo that evil, moving forward is all that is in my power. I hope you would think that I do so in a manner worthy of the trust you placed within me, which I now see as the gift it is...

ALFRED: For that night all those years ago... I gained a son.



  1. Nice overview of the Alfred character as a whole and what he stands for in the Bat-Family.

    Nice transitions between the panels and seasons too.

  2. Excellent script, J.D. Great look at Alfred's relationship to Bruce, and as Ben said, some fantastic transitions between the panels. Great development, making that last line all the better for it.

  3. Quite possible the your best page yet J.D. The use of seasons to progress time, and with it the every changing relationship Alfred has with Bruce is a wonderful technique, well implemented. In one page you manage to say some many things about the character without ever forcing it. Nice work.


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