Friday, September 21, 2012

Judge Anderson - Bomb Squad - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: A scruffy-looking man with an impressive bomb strapped to him shouting hysterically.

BOMBER: I want the Justice Department to hear my demands! Now!

BOMBER: No more fascists! Or I blow this whole City Block to atoms!

Panel 2: Judges Dredd and Anderson pointing their lawgivers at the Bomber. They are both stoic, calm. Anderson has her helmet off.

DREDD: Anderson?

Panel 3: Long horizontal panel. Close-up of Anderson's eyes. She is concentrating, using her psychic abilities, but not too strained.


Panel 4: Another long horizontal panel. Close-up of the Bomber's eyes. He is noticeably more nervous.


Panel 5: Close on Anderson. She remains grim.

ANDERSON: The bomb is real.

Panel 6: Close on the Bomber. Grinning madly.


Panel 7: Same as Panel 5, Anderson grinning slightly this time.

ANDERSON: His threats are not.

Panel 8: Same as Panel 6, except the Bomber's face has fallen.

BOMBER: Drokk.


This next page would, of course, be Dredd and Anderson blowing the Bomber away.


  1. This one absolutely nails everything tone-wise. It just exudes that late 80's prog feel. This may be my fave of the week.

    1. Thanks! This is a pretty big compliment considering that (despite being Scottish) I've never read a single Judge Dredd story in my life.

      Loved the recent film though, and had a trade sitting on my bedside table for a while, just not dug into it. If my script captured the tone of the comics, then it's just further praise for the movie.

  2. Great page. Brilliant pace, each panel is a really nice moment that builds the scene. The tone is just perfect. Big thumbs up mate!

  3. You've definitely captured the tone of the strip (I still haven't seen the movie). The panel descriptions and dialogue are nice and terse too (Wagner would be proud).

    I'm not too familiar with Anderson as a character, but I thought the decision here to NOT show the psychic interplay between her and the terrorist was a sound one.

    Good page!


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