Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Judge Anderson – Legacy – MK Stangeland Jr.

Judge Anderson – Legacy – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: JUDGE ANDERSON is standing with her younger clone, JUDGE ANDERS. JUDGE ANDERSON looks old, is wearing an instructor’s outfit instead of a JUDGE’s uniform, and is standing with the aid of a cane. JUDGE ANDERS looks like a very young JUDGE ANDERSON. No words are coming out of their mouths, but they are looking at each other as though they’re still having a conversation anyway.

Panel 2: JUDGE DREDD’s head as he looks on.

Panel 3: JUDGE ANDERSON and JUDGE ANDERS are seen from over JUDGE DREDD’s shoulder. JUDGE ANDERSON and JUDGE ANDERS have a hand on each others shoulders.

Panel 4: JUDGE ANDERS approaches JUDGE DREDD. She is in the process of putting her helmet on.


JUDGE ANDERS: (Interrupting Judge Dredd.) It’s because I’m her clone.

Panel 5: JUDGE DREDD looks like he’s attempting to say something else, but is a second time cut off.


JUDGE ANDERS: (Again interrupting.) You were going to say I look just like her.


JUDGE ANDERS: Psychic conversation. That’s also how I’m answering your questions before you ask them.

Panel 6: JUDGE DREDD does not look amused. JUDGE ANDERS looks apologetic.

JUDGE ANDERS (1): Sorry.


JUDGE DREDD: I don’t like people inside my head.

Panel 7: JUDGE DREDD looks at JUDGE ANDERS as they walk side by and points at her.

JUDGE DREDD: You may look like her, but so far you’re not acting like her.



  1. Clever use of psychic abilities there, and a nice "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship" rookie/veteran dynamic.

  2. Like J.D said this sets up a wonderful new dynamic with the added the quirk of Dredd always comparing the two. This could build into a great story arc.

    My only problem was Anders line 'Psychic conversation. That’s also how I’m answering your questions before you ask them' It felt a little clunky, and I feel you don't need it. Your visual story telling tell the reader the same information, and Dredds I don't like people inside my head line just confirms it. I'd drop The Psychic conversation line, as i feel it would keep the pace tighter on your other wise really god script.

  3. Like Shaun says the psychic bit in the dialogue isn't needed. Dredd would already have picked up on it I imagine.

    Other than that this is a solid script which has the potential to pan out into something quite interesting story-wise.


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