Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Judge Anderson - Out to Lunch - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A wide shot of a huge cafeteria.  It's virtually empty, with only a few Psi-Judges sitting at tables or ordering food.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (1): The Cafeteria of the Grand Hall of Justice.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (2): You don't need to be a precog to know it's only people from Psi-Division who eat here.

2 - A look behind the cafeteria counter.  It's a labyrinth of computers, machines, wires, blinking lights, and miscellaneous mechanics that is difficul to make heads or tails of.  Let's say its appearance has more in common with a torture chamber than it does a kitchen.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (1): Years ago, the entire cafeteria staff was replaced with an intricate computer system.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (2): Done in the name of efficiency, the problem was that all the food the computer made was completely inedible.

3 - Judge Anderson stands at the front of the queue, ordering her food.  The cafeteria computer serves up a brick of black and brown goo that looks wholly unappetizing.  Judge Anderson wears a look of mild disgust on her face.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (1): And due to some programming glitch, what you ordered had no relation to what you ended up getting.

JUDGE ANDERSON: I'll have a grilled cheese.

CAF COMPUTER: Here is your [error: entry not found].

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (2): There's literally no way to know what you'll be eating.

4 - Judge Anderson sits down at a table with some other Psi-Judges.  They look up to her questioningly.  She looks back with a face beaming excitement.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON) (1): What keeps everyone else away keeps us coming back day after day.

MISC JUDGE: What'd you get?

JUDGE ANDERSON: I have no idea.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON): When you can see the future and read people's minds, that tiny bit of unpredictability makes it worth eating this sorry excuse for food.

5 - Judge Anderson takes a bite of her brick of goo.  It's super gross and her face reflects this fact.  She tries her best not to gag.  The other Psi-Judges around the table are having similar difficulties with the awful food that they're trying to keep down, with many of them turning various shades of green.

CAPTION (JUDGE ANDERSON): ...most of the time.

My complete lack of knowledge of all things Judge Dredd is what stopped me from posting anything he was our pick way back when.  Unfortunately, I still know next to nothing, which explains this script here.  From what I've gathered, I don't think it really fits the tone or style of the books, but this was the only idea I could come up with, so I ran with it.  I wouldn't call it one of my best efforts, but it'll do.


  1. Grant you're right, this doesn't fit the tone of the Dreed universe, but heck I loved this page.

    For the first few panels I had no idea what you were getting at then panel 4 hits and that pure gold idea of yours shines out. What a wonderful theme to place with, a precog looking for a way to still feel surprise.

    Fun direction to take the character in for a one pager. Hats off to ya.

  2. Tonally it's off, which is understandable, but the concept is pretty damn neat and a nice piece of character work that pushes this up a few notches.

    Nice work!


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