Saturday, September 22, 2012

Judge Anderson - Parallel Lines - R.A. Wonsowski

(Inspired by, and dedicated to, Ben Rosenthal - Your last week's script is to blame for this...)

Set-up:  X-Force members DEADPOOL, PSYLOCKE and WOLVERINE, in their black and white costumes, are separated from their team and shunted into the future, only to find themselves in Mega-City One!  Psylocke's mental abilities alert Psi-Ops, and the three are captured by JUDGE ANDERSON of Psi-Division!

Panel 1 - Background:   DEADPOOL, PSYLOCKE and WOLVERINE are sitting on the sidewalk, backs against a wall, hands behind their backs because they're cuffed.  Foreground:  JUDGE ANDERSON is leaning against her motorcycle, helmet off, talking on her radio.

VOICE ON RADIO:  They don't match any of the genome records, Judge.

ANDERSON:  No ID's either.  I'll see what I can glean psi-wise.

Panel 2 - JUDGE ANDERSON sits on her haunches in front of DEADPOOL, the two of them staring into each other's eyes.


Panel 3 - Same as panel 2

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes):  Call Me! - Whoa, call me - call me any day or night...

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes):  One Way - Or Another - I'm gonna find ya...

Panel 4 - Same as above

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes):  ...I'm gonna getchagetchagetchagetcha one way...

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes):  ...Tide is High but I'm holdin' on...

Panel 5 - Same as above

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes):  ...I'm gonna be you're number one...

DEADPOOL (thought balloon, with musical notes): one...

Panel 6 - JUDGE ANDERSON is back on her feet, looking at PSYLOCKE and WOLVERINE.  She's back on her radio.  PSYLOCKE's face is hard, but WOLVERINE has his head cocked with a "I-know-her-from-somewhere" look on his face.

JUDGE ANDERSON:  I'm getting nowhere with the strange singing in the first one's head.  I'm going to try the other two...

PSYLOCKE (thought balloon):  (image of a brick wall)

WOLVERINE (thought balloon, with musical notes): one...

(Oh, c'mon, you can't tell me no one else has noticed:


  1. I am just sitting here slow clapping this page. Just way to many great things to mention. Five stars!

  2. HA! Brilliant. Loved it!

    As an aside, apologies for all for not leaving comments much but time slips away from me from week to week. Rest assured I DO read everyone's scripts. You're all the future of comics!

  3. I thought it was a very funny page, and I'm not even that big a Deadpool fan.

    Like Ben, I've also been lax in comments lately due to real life shenanigans, but I too read and rate every page.


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