Monday, September 17, 2012

Judge Anderson - Rebirth - Ben Rosenthal

1. A badly beaten and ageing Judge Anderson is slumped against a wall. An unseen figurepountspistol at her face. 

CAPTION (Judge Anderson)
I saw this coming.

2. A close up of Judge Anderson's badly swollen face.  She is looking up at the pistol through bruised eyelids.

CAPTION (Judge Anderson)
I saw it again and again. Played out in every single  way.

3. Same as Panel 2, however a brilliant white light now pours from Judge Anderson's eye sockets. 

CAPTION (Judge Anderson)
Except for this.


  1. This is pretty good. That third panel could go any number of different ways. (I thought of something Lovecraftian...)

    One quibble: check your first panel description - "figurepountspistol" - might want to correct that bit. Unless that's the name of a Slovak gangster - then, just captalize it...

    Anywho...good set-up for a cool tale that could go anywhere...Peace out.

  2. Panel 3 sells me on this short but exciting page. Like R.A says the fact that you could take this page in hundreds of directions makes it a golden page one.

  3. What can I add? You've come up with an incredibly sneaky concept that jumps at you from left field and leaves the reader needing to know what happens next. This would be an unfairly good cliffhanger to any book, and there'd be no way I couldn't pick up the next issue.

  4. Good last cliffhanger panel that slots neatly into Anderson's character.

    Short, but visually engaging.


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