Sunday, September 16, 2012

Judge Anderson – To Sleep Perchance To Dream – Shaun Richens.



1. A page wide panel. The sprawling, industrial mass of twisting metal that is Mega City One dominates the panel. A full moon hangs low in the sky. Pockets of smoke billow from the streets of this decaying metropolis. To the left hand side of the panel the Grand Hall of Justice stands as the only symbol of law in the city.

The noise of four hundred million people is enough to keep anyone awake.

2. We pull in on the Grand Hall of Justice.

         NO COPY

3. Pulling in even tighter on the building, we are now outside of a window looking in on an apartment bedroom. This is JUDGE ANDERSONs home. We can see a figure lying in bed. It is ANDERSON.

         NO COPY.

4. We are inside her room now. Looking down from above at her in bed. Her eyes are open looking up at us. Her body modestly covered. Her hair flows around the pillows cushioning her head.

         But it’s the noise in here that keeps me awake.

5. Same angle as 4. We have now pulled in closer on ANDERSON. Her face in pain, eyes closed tight. All around her head are psychic visions, Dark Judges killing innocents, Anderson sees herself in a coma, Visions of her fellow Judges torn and broken. All of this torments her mind.

         NO COPY.


  1. Solid script that touches on a similar vein that I've focused on in my own script this week.

    This one builds quite nicely and is a bit more nuanced than mine I must admit.

    Nice work!

  2. The cool thing about having a psychic character is the premontion of what will happen in the story. It's a great set-up tool (Minority Report is a good example), and a great way to hint at plot ideas to come and the crisis that will be faced by the protagonist and witnessed by the reader.

    The idea of the Dark Judges dancing in her head, plus the precog coma, really great advance notice. Heckuva kick-off...

  3. Really nice use of Judge Anderson's history and powers to tell a strong, concise story, Shaun. Love the movement from the macro to the micro. That final panel packs quite the punch.


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