Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Taskmaster - Teacher's Threat - Grant McLaughlin

Four rows of panels.  First row is a single panel.  Second row is two panels.  Third row is a single panel.  Fourth row is also a single panel.

1 - Taskmaster stands at the front of what looks like a regular school classroom.  The difference, of course, is that the desks are filled not with children but with aspiring henchmen.  However, beyond that, it's pretty much identical.  Taskmaster has a teacher's desk, on the blackboard "Mr. Taskmaster" is written in chalk.  That kind of thing.  As well, make it clear that one of the aspiring henchmen is sleeping on his desk at the front of the class.


TASKMASTER: Alright, chumps, you're here to learn to be the best henchmen you can be.  That's fine and dandy, but if you take my class, you follow my rules.

2 - Taskmaster delivers a mighty kick to the desk with the sleeping guy.  The desk flips over and the guy wakes with a shock, too late to do anything but smash into the ground.  In the background, try to show that one of the other students is chewing gum (or at the very least, have a distinctive guy who can appear in the next panel).

TASKMASTER: No sleeping!

3 - Taskmaster punches the guy who was chewing gum so hard that the gum (and some teeth) are flying out of the guy's mouth.


4 - A shot from the back of the room.  Two aspiring henchmen are passing a note between themselves.  Their hands are both outstretched; the note is in the process of being passed.  Beyond their hands, Taskmaster is visible at the front of the room, looking towards them.  He is in the process of drawing his sword.

TASKMASTER: And don't even think about passing notes...

5 - Taskmaster stands next to a guy who is missing a hand.  Taskmaster has a look of recognition on his face (maybe snapping his fingers and pointing to emphasize the point), as if he just remembered who the person opposite him is.  The guy without a hand looks annoyed.


TASKMASTER: Oh, you're that guy!


  1. I like the script overall and some the images/panels are funny (as is the concept as a whole), but I don't get the last panel.

    Am I being dense? Or is it some reference to current continuity?

  2. It's nothing so complex as that, Dan. That last panel is supposed to payoff the "passing notes" joke (i.e. Taskmaster cut off the guy's hand for doing just that), but my descriptions don't really do enough to get that across.

    Glad the rest of it could bring a smile to your face though.

  3. The set up for the page is wonderful, Taskmaster the teacher is just a great premise. The Mr Taskmaster written on the board gag put a huge smile on my face.

    As for the last panel like Dan i was a little confused at first then got it was the pay off from panel 4. Maybe just throw in to panel 5's description that the man with the missing hand is one of the men who was passing the note from 4.

    Overall, really fun use of the character!

  4. It took me a bit to get what was going on (so I'm guessing this page would probably come off better if it could actually be seen), but once I did I loved the punchline.

  5. Another really funny concept, with smart comedy pacing. It also took me a second to get the punchline, but when I did that made it all the funnier.

  6. I got panel 5 right off, and laughed all day about it. My family thinks I'm strange now...

    Great fun!


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