Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taskmaster – Vault – Shaun Richens



1. TASKMASTER in this costume, stands in the centre of a bank vault. At his feet, unzipped and over flowing with cash are two duffle bags. His hands are raised in the air, his two pistols thrown to the floor. Standing in the foreground and doorway to the bank vault are a SWAT team in full gear, their guns trained on TASKMASTER.
         SWAT LEADER:
         Hands in the air.

 What are the chances of you guys believing me when I tell you that I don’t remember how I got in here?


  1. Awesome splash page, Shaun! It builds nicely on Fred Van Lente's time with the character, while also telling it's own little story. I could see this as the first big splash in a Taskmaster miniseries that would involve him trying to figure out just how he did end up there. Really like it.

  2. It is a very cool take on the classic "locked room" mystery. It has a bit of the old Maxwell Smart panache.

  3. Nice image and concept. I'm not too familiar with the Van Lente stuff but as R.A mentioned it's a nice riff on the locked room trope.


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