Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taskmaster – Villains for Hire: In With the New Boss – MK Stangeland Jr.

(The premise: SHOCKER and SANDMAN are trying to start up their own team, one that’s not supposed to let itself be concerned with pettier things like revenge. In an effort to get some legitimacy for their team, they’ve recruited TASKMASTER by getting him a fix for his memory problem.*)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: SHOCKER and SANDMAN lead TASKMASTER into their warehouse headquarters. It’s largely empty, but does have a few crates of supplies and a small computer setup in the middle of the room.

SHOCKER: Here’s where we call ‘home’. Not much yet, but we’re hoping that’ll change once business picks up.

TASKMASTER (1): It’s a dump.

TASKMASTER (2): First order of business is going to be cleaning and organizing.

Panel 2: SHOCKER and SANDMAN have stopped in their tracks – TASKMASTER keeps walking. SANDMAN looks at SHOCKER.

TASKMASTER: Make this place at least resemble a real headquarters.

SHOCKER: Excuse me? Who put you in charge?

TASKMASTER: All part of the deal.

Panel 3: SHOCKER approaches TASKMASTER with his arm out and pointing. TASKMASTER has turned glance in SHOCKER’s direction, but otherwise stands in place.

SHOCKER: That wasn’t part of the deal.

TASKMASTER (1): Wasn’t it?

TASKMASTER (2): I must have forgotten to mention it.

TASKMASTER (3): But trust me, I’m doing you a favor by taking over.

Panel 4: SHOCKER and TASKMASTER stand face to face, both with their arms crossed in front of them. SHOCKER looks angry; TASKMASTER just looks annoyed.

SHOCKER: A favor?

TASKMASTER: Believe me, it’s better than your little duo deserves.

Panel 5: Overhead view. SANDMAN stands near SHOCKER and TASKMASTER. SHOCKER’s position hasn’t changed, but TASKMASTER is pointing at SANDMAN.

TASKMASTER (1): You think you’re going to get respect and recognition just because I’m part of your little gang? That ain’t how it works.

TASKMASTER (2): You’re a two-bit punching bag for Spider-Man. Who you think’s going to take you seriously as a team leader?

TASKMASTER (3): And I’d bet my good sword and shield that Sandy here doesn’t know the first thing about leading a team, let alone a business.

Panel 6: Upward view of TASKMASTER as he points back to himself.

TASKMASTER (1): Me? I’ve got what both of you are lacking.

TASKMASTER (2): I’ve got big name connections and the know-how to make this setup work.

TASKMASTER (3): So either step in line and let me do my job, or else watch this team fall apart by the end of the month.


(*Think of it as part of a non-retcon retcon of the ‘he looses his memories when he uses his powers’ retcon.)


  1. The premise of the piece is fun and works really well with the characters history. Your choice of shocker and Sandman makes Taskmasters attitude seem pretty much on the money. Lastly panel 4 has great visual punch to it.

  2. A really interesting idea, MK, and the script is a great look at how part of it could develop. I like the dialogue you've given Taskmaster here. Some solid take-charge attitude going on that feels just right. I'd definitely check out this storyarc.

  3. The concept is actually pretty interesting. You could do a good mini-series based on this concept. Taskmaster as PR/Image consultant for villains with a formerly shameful track record.

  4. I'm not too familiar with the character, but this is an excellent "need-to-know" page. Simple but effective.


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