Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Rarebit Fiend - Daredevil Dreamer - Grant McLaughlin

Four rows of two panels each.

1 - The central ring of a circus tent.  Dan Daring stands in the spotlight, waving to the audience.  An unseen announcer talks about what will be happening.  The word balloons should be unconnected and have that spiky look as if it's coming from a PA system or something.

ANNOUNCER: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Dazzling Dan Daring and his Death-Defying Deeds of Derring-Do!  Prepare to be amazed by his exciting exploits and amazing adventures!

2 - Still in the central ring.  Dan stands at a single kitchen counter that has appeared, cutting up some meat.

ANNOUNCER: Behold as he prepares food without first washing his hands!

3 - Dan rides his bicycle around the ring.  He does not wear a helmet.

ANNOUNCER: Stand amazed as he rides his bicycle without proper protective gear!

4 - An above ground pool has appeared in the middle of the ring.  Dan swims leisurely in it.

ANNOUNCER: Watch as he goes for a swim without a life jacket!

5 - A voting station sits in the middle of the ring.  Dan stands behind a small screen with an image circle and 'x' through it on its front, doing his civic duty.

ANNOUNCER: Observe as he votes without giving due consideration to the issues or the party platforms!

6 - Dan sits in a large, wingback chair in front of a roaring fireplace.  He wears a smoking jacket, smokes a pipe, and a tumbler of brandy sits on the nearby endtable.

ANNOUNCER: See him read a newspaper with questionable journalistic integrity!

7 - Dan is not there, but two bags of garbage sit in the middle of the ring.  Smell lines emanate from them, as do a few flies.

ANNOUNCER: And in his final stunning stunt, smell as Dan forgets to take the garbage out for the second straight week!

8 - The traditional Rarebit Fiend final panel.  Dan is jolting awake, sitting up in the bed.  His wife Miriam is lying on the bed, turned away.

DAN: Miriam!  I just had the most horrid nightmare!

MIRIAM: I tol' you not to have that rarebit.

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  1. A very playful and fun set of opening panels, that tell a bizarre and strange little narrative and your last panel is a great pay off.


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