Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Rarebit Fiend – Tied Down & Freefall – Shaun Richens.





1. A young Black woman, henceforth known as Female Fiend, lies on her back, tied down on a beach. Miniature men, the size of smurfs in comparison to the woman stand at the base of the ropes holding her in place. The miniature men wear suits, top hats and monocles; they each have a revolver holstered at the waist. The leader of the miniature men stands on the bosom of Female Fiend.

         Good show old boys. Hold her down.

         FEMALE FIEND:
         I do declare minuscule men? How bizarre.

2. A young, yet bald white man sits facing us in a wheelchair. He is henceforth known as Male Fiend. Standing behind him holding onto the wheelchair handles but leaning down to speak into Male Fiends ear is a man who looks exactly like him, we shall call him Doppelganger.

         I am ever so sorry old bean.

3. Close up on Female Fiend, she is looking right at us, her bosom rising in the foreground, the leader of the miniature men standing proudly between them, he is facing her, back to us.

How bizarre? You dare speak like that to the men of the order.

4. Same basic layout as 2. However we pull right back to reveal that Male Fiend and Doppelganger are at the top of a huge dam. Doppelganger has lifted and pushed the wheelchair forward spilling Male Fiend out of it and down the side of the dam. Male Fiend is falling towards the base of the panel, which looks like pure black smoke creeping up the panel.

         Nothing personal you do understand.

5. Side on view of Female Fiend tied down, her head at the right of the panel looking left. The leader still on her chest has stridden forward his revolver raised in front of him pointing at Female Fiend.

         You shall pay for your insubordinate words foul wench.

         FEMALE FIEND:
         Hehe Tiny guns, how adorable.

6. Male Fiend is freefalling, his limbs out stretched trying to slow his descent. The backdrop is black, stars and planets shine and spin behind him.

         MALE FIEND:

7. Close up on Female Fiends face. She has lots of tiny smoke spots on her cheeks and forehead from the revolver shots Leader has fired at her. The top hat of Leader can be seen at the base of the panel.
         FEMALE FIEND:
         Please stop, that does ever so tickle.

         LEADER 1:
         I was to take you for my wife.

         LEADER 2:
         No more!

8. From above Male Fiend looking down, he is in the classic arms out bent at the elbow sky diving position. Below him we can see the silhouette of someone tied up.

         MALE FIEND 1:
         I do declare a minuscule woman? How bizarre.

Or perhaps she is merely far away.

9. Female and Male fiend are sat up in bed together. They are looking at each other with confused expressions. In the foreground next to the bed is a wheelchair tipped on its side, the wheel highest up still spinning. Female Fiends face still has the tiny smoke spots from panel 7.

         Well I do declare…


  1. Dig it, Shaun. I like the duel-dreaming that you've pulled out here. It's a nice spin on the strip's formula, and you do it quite well - especially where the dreams start to meld right at the end. I also liked the repetition of "I do declare". Nice little way to tie it together even more.

  2. Two classic dream scenarios intertwined perfectly.

  3. Cool concept of the dual dream and the dialogue ties it altogether nicely at the end there.

    Also, there is some crazy ass imagery at play here. Nice work!

  4. I was really stumped on what to do for this page, then I listened to the latest Decompressed Podcast with the guys behind Bulletproof Coffin and realised it was time to go for something a bit odd ball, thus a tale of duo dreaming and interlocking nightmares was born. Glad you guys liked it.


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