Friday, October 12, 2012

Mouse Guard - Build a Better Mousetrap - J.D. Coughlan

I haven't read Mouse Guard, so these are all original characters.

Panel 1: Close up of a blueprint of a mousetrap, drawn on an old parchment.

WILDEYE (O.P.): This, my lord, is what will keep our settlement safe from invaders from other lands.

Panel 2: Wildeye holding up the blueprint, pointing to it. Wildeye has scruffy fur and, as his name suggests, wild eyes.

WILDEYE: You put some food in here, as a lure, then, when someone steps on this mechanism, the trap is sprung!

Panel 3: Wildeye's audience. A group of mouse nobles, looking very unimpressed.

LORD: So... they just walk into the trap?

Panel 4: Wildeye, looking a little sheepish.

WILDEYE: Um, yes.

Panel 5: The mouse nobles falling about in laughter.


Panel 6: Wildeye, humiliated, rolls up his blueprint.

SFX: (continued from previous panel) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



  1. This is a fun done in one page with a sense of humour.

    It seems a little off tonally but overall, this is solid.

  2. Pretty much a perfect done in one. You take an idea we all know and turn it on its head, add a nice bit of pace and build to a great pay off.

  3. Hehe. Really fun mix of the real and fantastic. A cute little page that may not quite fit in the Mouse Guard world, but that's a-ok in my books.


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