Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mouse Guard – Mouse Guard 1299 – MK Stangeland Jr.

(All characters mentioned here are new characters with no previous reference. This page takes place inside a somewhat secluded mouse hovel – or whatever the Mouse Guard universe equivalent of a house/cottage is.)

(9 Panels)

PANEL 1: TESSER opens the bag on the table to reveal its contents. It is a fine black powder more commonly known as gunpowder.

TESSER (1): I call it ‘fire powder’.

TESSER (2): And it is going to revolutionize not just your Guard, but all of mouse society.

PANEL 2: Opposite side of the table where ROLAN and SUNBEAM – two members of the MOUSE GUARD – are located. ROLAN is peering down at the firepowder with his nose dangerously close to it with the implication that he’s sniffing at it. SUNBEAM has her focus on TESSER as she speaks to him.

SUNBEAM: But what does it do?

PANEL 3: TESSER pours some of the powder into a nearby metal bowl.

TESSER: Allow me to demonstrate.

PANEL 4: TESSER pokes a stick into the lit end of a nearby candle.

PANEL 5: TESSER pokes the stick into the bowl, resulting in an immediate reaction as the ‘fire powder’ there lights up.

SFX: kkwOOOHf!

PANEL 6: SUNBEAM picks up a touch of the powder and rubs it between her fingers as she investigates it further. ROLAN looks at TESSER, but he doesn’t look terribly impressed.

ROLAN: That’s it?

PANEL 7: TESSER puts a contraption on the table.

The contraption looks like a short, primitive gun barrel suspended from a mount that allows it’s angle to be rotated at anywhere from straight up to straight forwards, and the amount of space it takes up on the table should be relatively small, preferably with legs that give it sort of a bare-bones or wire-like appearance.

TESSER: Not quite.

PANEL 8: TESSER pours some of the ‘fire powder’ into the barrel and holds a small metal ball in his other hand, ready to put it in after he’s done putting the powder in.

TESSER: Let me show you it’s true potential.

PANEL 9: TESSER tips the gun barrel down so that it’s pointed past where ROLAN and SUNBEAM are, but it shouldn’t be aimed at them. He has a lit stick in his other hand, much like he did in Panels 4 and 5.

TESSER: I would step aside if I were you.



  1. The fun of this page is imagining what'll happen on the next. Brought a smile to my face...

  2. Whilst this page has a kind of fun/airy tone there's quite a bit of potential to how this would all pan out story wise, with a number of ways you could take it.

  3. A wonderful tone throughout this page. It shows the mouse guard on the brink of something new and exciting, I can see an anthology of one shots that take the mouse guard and set them at different points in human history with the guard version. Nice stuff.

  4. I'm late to this, but I wanted to say that I liked the page, MK. It's a nice little way to potentially introduce gunpowder to the Mouse Guard world (I also like how you advanced time here to reflect the advancement in technology). But more than that, I really like the chatter between characters you have here. The solid dialogue is what makes this page really shine.


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