Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mouse Guard - Sky Tamer - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels.  Row one and two take up about half the page.  Row three is a single panel.  Row one is made up of panels 1 and 2; panel 1 is about two-thirds of the row and panel 2 is the remaining third.  Row two is made up of panels 3 and 4; they can be more or less the same size.  Row three is made up of panel 5, acting as a half-page splash.

1 - Darius, a young guardmouse stands in a field looking up at the sky.  It is a windy day, as seen by Darius' waving cape and the trees that bend in the distance.  There are a few clouds in the sky.  Cyril, an older, more cynical guardmouse, talks to him from off-panel, but Darius does not look in his direction.

CRYIL (off-panel): Get your head out of the clouds, Darius.  It can't be done.

2 - Darius turns to look in Cyril's direction, a determined look on his face.

DARIUS: Can't be done is just another way to say you've given up.

3 - Darius and Cyril speak to each other.  Cyril looks worn and beaten by the sands of time.  Darius is animated, moving his body and arms to emphasize his points.

CYRIL: What's the point in trying to achieve a fantasy?

DARIUS: Cyril, did our ancestors imagine mice would live in settlements?  Establish a guard to protect those lands?  Or learn to smith weapons to arm the guard in their duties?

4 - Darius puts a hand on Cyril's shoulder.  He remains serious and determined, but repeated doubting from those like Cyril has made Darius realize that few will believe in his goal until he accomplishes it.  He doesn't begrudge them this, but this knowledge saddens him sometimes.

DARIUS: These were all fantasies once.  But brave mice made these dreams reality

5 - A shot of the sky.  A bird flies through the air.  There are some clouds in the sky, but there's far more open sky.

CAPTION (DARIUS): Why should this be any different?


  1. Nice. I've touched on a similar subject matter in my own piece (put from an opposite point of view).

    The dialogue here is strong and the notion underpinning the page as a whole is a good one.

  2. From the title alone I knew I would adore this page. It oozes that fable quality that I love about Mouse Guard, your character name choices are perfect and the dynamic between the young fresh guard and the old guard is so in keeping with the book. This is top quality stuff.


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