Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mouse Guard – Summer 1152: Caravan – Shaun Richens


1. A page wide panel. From a birds eye view we can see a snake sliding its body through tall thick grass towards a dirt trail at the edge of the panel.

         NO COPY.

2. A half page splash. The snake has uncoiled from its grassy hiding place; it towers up in front of a caravan of mice. The caravan is an ageing TURTLE, parcels and goods tied to its huge shell. A few mice ride on top of it. At the front and sides of the Turtle caravan are a few Mouse Guard, scabbards tied to their waists and long flowing capes about their necks. At the front of the Turtle is the leader of this group of Guard. His name is MARTIN; he has grey fur and wears a dark red cloak.

         NO COPY

3. A close up on MARTINS hand around the hilt of his sword.

         NO COPY

4. Full shot of MARTIN sword raised high in the air.

         NO COPY

5. A close up on the leader of the Guard MARTIN. 

         Mouse Guard! To arms!


  1. I've only read the first issue of Mouse Guard, and this script certainly evokes a similar kind of tone/mood to that issue.

    Nice visual with the turtle too (is that used in one of the issues or is it something of your own invention?-- either way its cool).

    1. The turtle was my little invention mate. Glad you liked it.

  2. The turtle visual is a real winner in my book as well. Like Dan, my experience with Mouse Guard is somewhat limited, but this definitely fits in well with what I've encountered. A simple moment, but it's well paced and promises some major action.


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