Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Near Death - Coming Soon - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A scene reminiscent of the moment in the first issue when Markham wakes up screaming on Sutton's operating table after his "visit" to Hell.  The man on the table kind of looks like Markham, but there are some noticeable differences.  Let's say his nose is too big and his jawline is the wrong shape.  And instead of just one shock of white hair, his entire mop is white.  In Sutton's place is a (by Hollywood standards) far more attractive woman.  She wears operating clothing, but somehow manages to have cleavage showing.  As well, she isn't wearing a mask or doctor's scrub cap, meaning that her face and long, luscious hair are both visible. Anyways, near-Markham is sitting up quickly on the table and near-Sutton is surprised, putting a hand to her chest (without covering the cleavage).

NEAR-MARKHAM: I will kill no more!

2 - Switch scene.  Near-Markham is wearing a suit similar to Markham, but maybe not quite as nice.  Facing the reader, he stands with an assault rifle in each hand, guns blazing.  He grimaces in determination as he unloads the weapons.


SFX (along the bottom of the page): brakka-akka-akka-akka

3 - Near-Markham stands with two girls, one on each arm.  They are scantily clad and just as well proportioned as near-Sutton.  Near-Markham's suit is ripped up and covered in blood, but no one seems to notice or mind.

GIRL 1: Thank you for saving us!

NEAR-MARKHAM: No problem, ladies.  It's all in a day's work since my...

4 - A movie title screen.  Have it in the style of the "Near Death" covers.  The image of near-Markham can be him doing something crazy, like jumping out of a helicopter while shooting a gun or something.  In place of "Near Death", the title is "Epiphany".  Where the creators' names are, it's written:

A Casey Clinton Production
Written by Devon Lincoln

5 - Focus in on the "Written by Devon Lincoln" part.  Pull out slightly to show that the previous four panels were all on a TV screen.  Two bars are visible on either side of the words to show that the TV is behind a protective barrier.

MARKHAM (off-panel): -heh-

6 - Pull even further back to show that Markham is sitting in the common area of the prison, watching TV (which is still behind those bars and still shows the "Epiphany" title screen).  Some other prisoners are around, but they don't really pay Markham any mind at the moment.

MARKHAM: I'm glad that he managed to turn things around, but I hope his next effort is slightly more nuanced.


  1. This is a pretty nifty page with some cool meta aspects to it.

    Ironically, I think Near Death is perfect for TV adaptation.

  2. Fun concept, handled well. Not what I expected from this weeks pick but a curve ball is always fun.


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