Sunday, October 21, 2012

Near Death- Face In The Crowd -Dan Hill

Page One

WIDE PANEL: We OPEN inside Markham’s bedroom. It’s night and the blinds throw strips of shadow across the bed.

Markham is on the bed asleep. The sheets are twisted and strewn about.

When I close my eyes I try to remember.

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on Markham in blazing daylight. Behind him we can see a cloudless and hazy yellow sky.

But they’re all still there. They're all still watching me...

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on Markham’s eyes looking out of the panel towards us, squinting slightly.  

...waiting for me.

WIDE PANEL: From Markham’s POV we are looking out at the strange desert landscape (the one from Markham’s near death experience in the first issue)-- we’re in hell.

Dotted around the landscape, as in the first issue, are all of Markham’s PAST VICTIMS. They all bear the marks of how they died.

I look out at them and I try to remember.
I try to remember his face.
The first of many.

SMALL INSET PANEL on the right side of Panel 1.4. This is a TIGHT SHOT on Markham as he continues to survey his hellish surroundings and the people before him.

Seeing his face means this will all soon be over.
But I can’t quite picture it.  

WIDE PANEL: CUT TO the bedroom from the first panel. Markham is sitting up in bed now, looking off into the distance, deep in thought.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Excellentlly staged look at one man's personal Hell. A more definitive confirmation on the identity of the individual Markham is looking for (I presume it's his first ever victim) might have created a more solid mystery, but this does also work as an opening tease.

  2. Solid work as always Dan. The internalisation of this page rings really true to the book. It's all about one mans journey, and you capture that perfectly here.

    I got a Memento vibe here as well, the nature of a man who doesn't quite know himself anymore, unsure of what he should do, what he has done or what he could do, makes for compelling reading.

  3. A very nice look at Markham's mental state and process as he continues to deal with his life post-Near Death.

    The last line is what seals the deal for me.


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