Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Near Death – Nearest Death – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: An elderly MARKHAM sits on a park bench. He looks old, but it’s still clearly MARKHAM.

Panel 2: A younger man comes to the bench  - DEATH. He has a dark color scheme to him, with a black suit, black hair, even the color of his skin. About the only thing about him that isn’t black is the shirt beneath his suit coat. His build is about as skeletal as one could look while still realistically looking like they’re capable of being alive and getting up and walking around on their own.

DEATH: Mr. Markham?


DEATH: Do you mind if I join you?

Panel 3: DEATH sits on the bench next to MARKHAM. MARKHAM doesn’t seem all that pleased by the decision.

MARKHAM: I know you?

DEATH: I’m sure you’ll recognize me if you look hard and think about it.

Panel 4: MARKHAM squints as he looks at DEATH tries to figure out who he is.

Panel 5: MARKHAM’s eyes go wide as he realizes DEATH’s identity.

Panel 6: MARKHAM is looking down towards the ground in front of him as he lets his head slump. DEATH looks nonchalant as he leans back on the bench.

MARKHAM: It’s finally my time, then?

DEATH: Not quite.

DEATH (2): But soon.

Panel 7: MARKHAM picks his head back up.

DEATH: Consider this a small reward for surviving so long.

DEATH (2): Most of us thought you’d bite it again years ago.



  1. I always love seeing Death personified, and this was eerily calm. Although I do think the ending was a little anti-climatic.

  2. I'll be honest the page didn't do much for me, however Deaths last line, and his reference to 'us' in particular does set up something intriguing, as we are not fully aware of who he is referring to. That spark of mystery goes draw me in.

  3. I liked it, but that last panel did kind of trail off a bit.

  4. The back and forth between Death and Markham was a fun read, but like the others, I felt as if the conversation seems to fizzle out a bit at the end there.


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