Monday, October 22, 2012

Near Death – Nothing to Lose - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A close up of Markham, from chest height walking out of a building with his hands in his pockets.

CAPTION (Markham)
I've had visions of Hell.

2.  A wider shot of Markham, from knee height walking.  The building that he just walked out of a good distance away now. One of his pockets containing one of his hands has bulged slightly, as Markham has just pressed a button on a remote within his pocket.

CAPTION (Markham)
Stands to reason that if there is a Hell, has to be a heaven too.

And I know that’s where you are.

3.  Same as Panel 2, but a full body shot of Markham, still walking with his hands in his pockets as the building he just walked out of is exploding.

CAPTION (Markham)
I won’t be joining you.

But neither will the ones responsible for taking you.


  1. Man walking away from explosion is always cool.

  2. Ben that final caption box hits with quite some punch, really great hook to end on.

  3. A succinct but strong page.


    Plus the page as a whole sums up Markham's mission statement quite nicely.

  4. Explosions are always a good choice. Especially when coupled with such good captions. Nice page, Ben.


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