Friday, October 26, 2012

Near Death - Poison At 30,000 Feet - Niel Jacoby

Panel 1: Markham is walking down the aisle of an airplane, towards the back. We can see he's looking towards a sleeping enforcer-type (think Vin Diesel, or Michael Chiklis) who's in an aisle seat on the side of the plane at Markham's right, with a young, somewhat frightened girl in the window seat. Markham's right hand  is in his pocket, the other at his side. The enforcer has a glass of red wine in front of him.


Panel 2: Markham is passing by the enforcer's seat, and his hand is slipping out of his pocket.

Inset panel: a small pill drops into the enforcer's glass.

SFX(small): PLP

Enforcer(bubbly balloon, warped text): Zzzzz... Zzzzz

Inset panel: Close on the enforcer, turning his head, but still asleep.

Enforcer(jagged balloon): SNRK

Panel 3: Markham and the girl are staring at the enforcer, tense and startled..


Panel 4: Close on the enforcer, drooling and asleep.

Enforcer(bubbly balloon, warped text): Zzzzz...Z....

Panel 5: Markham has his finger to his lips, and is winking to the girl.

Markham(small balloon, small text): sh.

Inset panel: the girl is winking back, smiling.


  1. Nice "silent" piece, with a deeper, unspoken subtext.

  2. Very neat self contained story. Great choice of setting, it makes things very tense as if anything goes wrong he has nowhere to run. I love how silent and calm you play this all, with a touching beat to finish on. All in all well crafter page mate.

  3. Nice choice of setting, Niel. Really enjoyed this silent page that still manages to clearly get everything across.

  4. Echoing Grant's comment this is a great setting. There are a number of ways this one could play out.

    The page is stark and minimal (in all the best ways) letting the art do the heavy lifting-- all forward momentum and no drag.


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