Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spider Jerusalem - Nature's Call - Grant McLaughlin

I've been speed-reading my way through Transmetropolitan (can't put it down), but I haven't read it all (yet). So I don't have a specific point in continuity in mind here (although probably somewhere in the early days, I guess).

Three rows of panels.  Row one is a single panel, spanning the page.  Row two is made up of 3 panels.  Row three is made up of the final 2 panels.

1 - The balcony of Spider's apartment.  Spider is naked.  He sits cross-legged, his eyes closed as if in meditation.  His computer is in front of him.  He is surrounded by a wackload of animals from the city.  A lot of four-winged or mutli-eyed pigeons, some large rats, rats with wings, raccoons, skunks, raccoon-skunks (or rakunks for short).  Anything you can think of that would be appropriate should be here.  Have one of the pigeons perched on Spider's head.  Think a perverted Snow White communing with nature type deal.

CHANNON (off-panel): The hell is this?

2 - Spider continues to sit, opening one eye to look at Channon, who has walked onto the scene.  The animals continue to mill about.  The head-perching pigeon has jumped off from the movement of Spider's head.

SPIDER: If I cannot return to my mountain hideaway, I will bring my mountain hideaway to me!

CHANNON: Your mountain hideaway looks an awful lot like a flock of filthy, disease-ridden rats with wings.

3 - Spider is standing, his arms spread wide above his head to emphasize his words.  Channon is not terribly intimidated (but when is she ever?).  Some of the animals are a little disturbed by his outburst, but no major movement is afoot.

SPIDER: Silence!  This is nature!  I will not have you speak ill of nature!

SPIDER: It is easy to forget here in this city of sex, drugs, and sexdrugs that life does not have to be this way.

4 - Spider turns to look off the balcony, out at the city.  Channon looks at something behind Spider that is unseen by the reader, a look of disgust on her face.

SPIDER (1): There is an alternative.  A simpler path where we can live in harmony with the world around us instead of shitting all over it before we drop our pants to shit on it again.

SPIDER (2): Maybe you've forgotten, but I will not!

CHANNON: That's all well and good, but your "simpler path" seems to be shitting all over your computer.

5 - Spider looks back over his shoulder at the animals, glaring.  Channon looks on in mild amusement.


6 - Spider walks back inside, casually throwing a grenade over his shoulder towards all the animals.  Channon moves to keep up / keep out of the blast radius.

SPIDER: Nevermind.  Nature can go fuck itself.


  1. That opening panel, with the twisted disney princess communing with nature is pure gold and such a striking way to kick off. Then you build up this nice head of steam that you promptly throw a grenade at!

    I love this page dude!

  2. This page has a suitably twisted sense of humour and the last panel is a nice cap to the page.

    It 'feels' like what I'd expect Transmet to read like (if that makes sense?).

  3. I also love that opening panel. The feel is just Darrick R. right...

    I also like that you get the complexity of Spider, that he has a vision of what the world could be, but the damn world keeps getting in the way...

    Reminds me of that Gandhi quote, "I have no quarrel with your Christ or his moral teachings; it's Christians I disagree with."

    Anyway, good show!


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