Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Mouse Guard - Small World - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - Amidst the towering trees of the Borderlands, a sunlit clearing.  Two squadrons face each other across the clearing:  one, the Mouse Guard, led at the front by SAXON and KENZIE; the other, armoured mice, more numerous, but a green-hooded churchmouse with a broadsword at his side has made his way in front of his forces.

CAPTION:  The War of the Owls would have finished us if not for this band of heretofore unknown brothers.

Panel 2 - Background: SAXON and KENZIE, their hands outstretched in happy welcome.  Foreground, from behind, we see the green-robed churchmouse remove his hood.

CAPTION:  He fought fiercely to defend lands not his own, yet he walked so calm and centered, pure in spirit and deed.

Panel 3 - 1/2 page:  Surrounded my cheering soldiers from both sides, the joyous SAXON and KENZIE are shaking hands with a humble and now revealed MATTHIAS, Warrior and Defender of the Abbey.

CAPTION  And that was how we struck our long-standing alliance with the mice of Redwall...

in case you're curious: ...apologies for the short script this week; busy week for me...raw(az)


  1. This an atmospheric and well written page. However I love the Redwall books so you had me all along!

  2. Haha. Very nice mixture of that other mouse-based fantasy series, Ray. It just feels right.


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