Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top Cow Talent Hunt- Below the surface -Dan Hill

I decided to go against the grain and post a teaser page for my own effort for the Talent Hunt. This isn't from the actual script or pitch, but merely a teaser for the larger piece.

Hence the 50 shades of vague.

Page One

SPLASH PAGE: A CLOSE UP on the sidewalk somewhere in a busy city. We can see the feet of several PEDESTRIANS walking to and fro, oblivious to the activity beneath their feet.

Through several of the cracks in the sidewalk we can see a purplish, pink glow.

Something is stirring.

We see evil, anger, fear and hate on the street every day...

...woven into the fabric of our lives, feeding off each other over and over.

Their source has no name. Their source is everywhere.

Their source is awake.

The 13th Artefact.

No-one is safe.


  1. This was a really creative and fun way to use this weeks pick. I always like that about your pages, you came at them from an angle I would never think of.

    Furthermore this teaser feels spot on for the kind of thing to be run in the back of Witchblade and The Darkness in the build up to a new mini.

  2. I very much like the intrigue of this page Dan. Knowing your writing like I do, I know something awesome will come from this hint page.

  3. It's certainly... teasery. But seriously, it does catch one's attention and raises one's interest; as a teaser is supposed to.

  4. A big tease here, Dan, but a good one. A nice mixture of the normal and the fantastic that is such a staple of the Witchblade universe. Also, a nice parallel between society and the 13th Artifact.


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