Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top Cow Talent Hunt - Flame Licked - Grant McLaughlin

Sorry I'm late to the party, everyone.  While I'm definitely interested by the Talent Hunt, I haven't gotten a lot of time to work on my pitch yet, so this page is more of a feeling out of one of the characters I'm considering exploring further.  Nothing fancy here, I just really liked the imagery.

I like the idea of the gutters filling with smoke, which turns into a bigger and bigger fire towards the bottom of the page, but that might be a little much (and perhaps too much of a riff on J.H. Williams III's brilliant work on Batwoman).

1 - An ancient looking temple room.  A pedestal sits in the middle of the room, the Ember Stone sitting on top of it, glowing brightly.  Glorianna Silver stands before the pedestal, reaching towards the stone.  She wears a satisfied grin.  A few nameless assistants / grunts look on from behind her, looking concerned.

GLORIANNA: I can feel its warmth...

ASSISTANT: Be careful!

2 - Glorianna looks behind her towards her assistants, irritation on her face.  In her half turn, Glorianna has one hand on the Ember Stone.  The Ember Stone's bright glow has erupted into a fire that licks her hand (something she cannot see yet).

GLORIANNA: Careful?  The Ember Stone is finally mi-- !!

3 - Glorianna turns to face her assistants.  The fire dances up her arm, already past her shoulder.  Her face twists in an awful combination of horror and pain.  Her assistants are surprised and terrified, some moving to help, others not knowing what to do.

ASSISTANT: Mistress!

4 - Money shot for the page.  Pulled back far enough to see Glorianna's entire body, which is completely engulfed by the spreading flames.  The burning inferno is bright, making the rest of the room seem darkened in comparison.



  1. The visuals at work here make for a solid page. I would be really excited to see what you would do with Glorianna as your pitch character.

  2. Hey, if you're gonna riff, you might as well do it based on the best...I could definitely see that off-kilter JH Williams layout working on this.

  3. There's some cool visuals at play here and the layouts you hint at add to the feel of the page.

    Despite not knowing all too much about the characters/universe this is a solid page.


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