Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top Cow Talent Hunt - The Hunt - Ben Rosenthal

Panel 1 runs the top of the page.  Panels 2 and 3 are side by side on the grid.  Panel 4 runs the width of the page on the bottom of the grid.


1.  Tom Judge is crouched on the ground, looking at foot prints.  There are signs of an obvious struggle.  He is investigating.

The Thirteen Artifacts of Power were gathered.

2.  Tom is now standing up, looking around.  He knows he is being watched.

Thirteen wielders were brought together, and they changed the world.

3.  Hiding in shadows, barely visible is Ian Nottingham.  He holds the Blood Sword in his hand.

If thirteen people can change the world when each holding an Artifact.

4.  Ian Is mid air, leaping towards Tom Judge, who is activating The Rapture.  He is mid transformation as Ian bares down on him.  Around Ian’s neck are the Ember, Glacier and Heart Stones.  He has killed the barres and is after The Rapture hanging from Tom’s neck.

Imagine the power one man holding all of them at once would wield.


  1. Damn this is a cool page. You capture what I love about the Top Cow cliff hanger, its a big powerful moment which just hooks you for the ride of the next issue. Also you know who much I love Ian Nottingham as a character and I feel you nailed his tone. Great work.

  2. Great last caption/panel that sends the reader's mind spinning off into countless directions this story could take.

  3. Very neat page, Ben. My favourite part is how the captions seem as if they're Tom Judge's, but Ian Nottingham's reveal puts that into question. By the end of the page, it's unclear who's talking, which is an interesting feeling. And the strong imagery really sells the whole thing (especially that last panel).


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