Friday, October 19, 2012

Top Cow Talent Hunt - Interview Process - J.D. Coughlan

Two rows of three small panels, one long panel along the bottom.

Panel 1: Wally West as the Flash (mask off to show his red hair), sitting in a chair, looking at the reader. He looks fed-up.

VOICE (O.P.): Why do you want to work at Top Cow?

WALLY: Well, I was made redundant at my old company...

Panel 2: Shazam, sitting in same position, leaning forward.

SHAZAM: Nobody there even knew my name!

Panel 3: Norman Osborn, arms folded.

OSBORN: I was unfairly demoted...

Panel 4: Power Girl (old costume), shrugging.

POWER GIRL: ...dress code was very restrictive...

Panel 5: Deadpool, getting up to leave.

DEADPOOL: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought "Top Cow" was a burger joint...

Panel 6: Spider-Man, counting off on his fingers. His speech bubble can be larger than the panel if required, going out of it.

SPIDER-MAN: Zero possibility of advancement, absolutely no family benefits, poor pay, terrible hours, management has no idea how to utilise my skills, annoying co-workers, my workload has me stretched thin...

Panel 7: Long panel of the opposite POV. Sabine, Glorianna Silver, Michael Finnegan, Ian Nottingham, Ji Xi, and Tom Judge sitting behind a long desk, all looking exhausted.

FINNEGAN: This is gonna take a while...


Another busy week for me, plus my unfamiliarity with any of the available characters results in this cop-out, but rest assured I will give the actual talent hunt more consideration at a better time.


  1. For the Power Girl, Deadpool and Spider man panels alone I loved this page. This was a genuinely funny concept executed really rather well.

  2. This is probably in the running for most out of left field page this site has seen yet.

  3. BWAAAAAAAAAAHHH-hahahahahahaha!!!

    Well played, Mr. Coughlan...

  4. Love it! Some much welcomed levity for the week, and an excellent meta-commentary on what's going on at the Big 2.

  5. Unexpected! Despite the lack of knowledge this is a great page with a lot of humor in it.


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