Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Mouse Guard?

Lets start with some background, Mouse Guard is set in a world of sentient mice. Set during a medieval time period, paralleling the same age in human history, though in the Mouse Guard universe there are no humans. The main focus of the tales in the series centre on a brotherhood of mice known as the "Mouse Guard”. They have sworn an oath to serve their fellow civilian mice in times of need; their deeds include making safe passage through the wilderness, protecting mice from predators and safe guarding all Micekind.

Now you know what Mouse Guard us lets talk about why I picked it. I’ll give you four great reasons why…

Firstly and possibly most importantly, because of my best friend, without him, this fantastic book would have slipped be by and we wouldn’t be about to explore it here on Thoughtballoons.

The second reason, Mouse Guard, although filled with sentient beasts and creatures has some of the most emotionally real and raw characters I have ever found in comics. The characters are always rich and detailed and you can’t help but love the heroes, and feel every inch of their journey with them. The characters feel like they came form a fable you got told as a child, you feel an instant attachment to them. This is the kind of powerful characterisation that all writers want to achieve.

Thirdly the David versus Goliath nature of the book. The heroes are always fighting against insurmountable odds, whether its vast armies that out number them, creatures ten times bigger then them or the savage wilderness they inhabit, the Mouse Guard are always the under dog and who doesn’t love an under dog story.

Last but by no means least because Mouse Guard shows how diverse and varied comics as a medium can be. It’s not all Superheroes and Spandex. Comics let you create the worlds and characters you want and that means we, as comic lovers get to discover beautiful creations like Mouse Guard.

If you have a tale of the Guard that you want to tell please share your scripts with us in the comments section below.

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