Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why Top Cow Talent Hunt?



I have to explain to you why a site in which the writers scribe a new page of comic script once a week would choose to write for a company currently looking for writers?
I have to explain that this is one of the biggest opportunities any writer or artist could ask for?
I have to keep on sounding like a prat by typing rhetorical questions?
In the very unlikely case that you have not heard, independent heavyweight Top Cow are holding a talent hunt competition looking to hire two unknown writers and two unknown artists.  The rules are simple: you must not have been published before, and must chose one (or two) characters from the following list:

Sabine (Wheel of Shadows)
Glorianna Silver (The Ember Stone)
Michael Finnegan (The Glacier Stone)
Ian Nottingham(Blood Sword)
Ji Xi (13thartifact)
Pandora’s Box wielder TBD
Tom Judge(Rapture)

Writer’s can use these characters and these characters only.  Use of any other character either within the Top Cow universe or creator owned will be ignored and discarded.  Submissions must be in by 31/12/2012.

Needless to say all of us here at Thought Balloons are taking part in this fantastic competition.  Will we privy you to the first page of the required 8 page sample script needed for the submission?  Or will the tenured writer’s keep their cards close to their chests and write another character?

Let us find out.

If YOU would like to submit a page of script and receive feedback from the tenured writers, simply post it in the comments below.  Who knows, you may be asked to join us one day!

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