Thursday, November 1, 2012

Murder Book – The Murder Process – Shaun Richens.

Please bear with me this week. My script is a curve ball.

The whole page is in black and white, with a blue tint over it.



1. A MAN sits at a desk, a computer screen in front of him, his back to us; the screen illuminates the room with an artificial blue tint. A silenced pistol is being held to his temple, the SHOOTER holds the pistol with a gloved hand, and all we can see of him is his arm coming in from right of panel.

A grilled cheese sandwich sits half eaten on the desk.

         SHOOTER (0.P):
         Send it already.

2. A close up on the computer screen. We can see the contents of an email about to be sent.

The email reads:

So I am afraid to say the next one will have to be my last.

Kind regards

That’s is all that can be seen.

3. The cursor sits over the send button.


         MAN (O.P):
         It’s done.

4. The man sat at the computer has turned to face the shooter. He is in profile. We can now make out that it is comic creator KURTIS J. WIEBE. The shooter is still aiming his gun but remains unseen.

Now what? I did what you asked? I’m no longer part of The Process.

Put this on.

5. The shooter is handing Kurtis a strange looking watch. It has a number of different clock faces on it and a digital read out on the top and bottom.

The read out says 10/5/1940.

         SHOOTER 1:
         I’m not going to kill you.
         SHOOTER 2:
         But lets see how long you last in occupied France.

6. A close up on Kurtis, despite everything he can’t help but smile a little bit at what’s being said.

         KURTIS 1:
         Hah. You’re sending me back in time?
         KURTIS 2:
         Kinda like they are doing in that flick Looper?

7. A shot over the shoulder of Kurtis, he still sits in the chair; however we can see he is wearing the watch. We are looking up towards the shooter. It is a future version of Murder Book creator Ed Brisson. He has a full-grown beard and wears an eye patch over one eye, but it is still clearly him. He still holds the gun put is no longer pointing at Kurtis, in his other hand he holds what looks like a detonator with one large button on top. Brisson looks really pissed off.

         BRISSON 1:
         Looper? Looper? This is nothing like Looper!

         SFX (Around the detonator)

8. Same shot as 7. However once where Kurtis had sat now just a small cloud of mist floats upwards.

         One down.

9. Close up on a sheet that Brisson is holding. The sheet contains three close up headshot photos. One of Kurtis J Wiebe, now crossed out. The other two are of Ryan K Lindsay and Jeremy Holt.

         BRISSON (O.P):
         Two to go.

NEXT ISSUE: Houdini Holt.


  1. Very meta-textual there, Shaun. I like the idea of Ed slowly hunting down the original members of the Process so that he can run the podcast himself. It's so ridiculously minor as a motivation to commit murder / time travel, which makes it all the more enjoyable in my opinion.

    I'm conflicted about the Looper joke. Part of me really digs it and part of me feels like it's coming out of left field here (maybe because I believe the changing of the guard came about before Looper released? Am I getting too anal about anachronisms when it's a time travel script?), but that could just be me.

    1. I was conflicted about the Looper gag as well. As you pointed it came out after the changing of the Process team. However after hearing Mr Brisson talk about looper on the podcast I had to keep it in.

  2. As soon as I saw the grilled cheese sandwich part in the panel description I *knew*. Haha.

    Nice, fun script that doesn't take itself too seriously.


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