Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spectre- Imagine -Dan Hill

Apologies for the lateness on this one. I'd originally written this yesterday on the coach trip back from Thought Bubble. However it seems there was a snafu somewhere along the way. As such I have had to reconstruct the entire page from notes. 



We OPEN on the shot of the SPEAR OF DESTINY sitting inside a glass display deep inside a vault. Shelves of other artifacts sit nearby. Two US SOLDIERS (uniforms suggest this is the 40’s) guard the Spear and the artifacts.

The path of history is set in stone.

But we like to speculate, to imagine other ways. We like to imagine we’re not puppets to a higher power.

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on the crest of the JSA (http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/030/5/2/Justice_Society_of_America_by_CmdrKerner.png)

We imagine that good can always triumph.
Wide panel: CUT TO a shot looking out towards across the beach towards the ocean. This is Omaha Beach and it is D-Day. Several transport craft are open, spilling forth Allied troops. The craft in the centre has a much more dangerous cargo: the JSA. 

HAWKMAN, DOCTOR FATE and GREEN LANTERN fly above the troops swooping towards us. HOURMAN, SANDMAN and THE ATOM run across the sand with THE FLASH shooting forwards at tremendous speed towards us. 

SPECTRE is at the forefront of the charge, his face contorted with vengeful fury as he charges towards us.
We imagine that heroes can always save the day.
CUT TO the aftermath of the assault and an Allied soldier face down in the surf, the tide lapping at his corpse. 

A CZECH HEDGEHOG (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rozsochac.JPG) sits in front of the corpse.

We imagine our sons and daughters came back home.

RACK FOCUS onto the Czech Hedgehog, its shape forming a cross across the panel.

We imagine that God is fair and without malice.
CUT TO somewhere in the German countryside. In the BACKGROUND of the panel lies the shattered remains of a sizable Nazi force. Tanks, troops and fortifications lie in ruins.

In the FOREGROUND we can see the JSA and several Allied troops continuing their advance towards us.
But history is set in stone. The world isn’t like this.
Wide panel: CUT TO a haggard and sickly looking PRISONER wearing a striped uniform. The man is all skin and bone. In the FOREGROUND in front of him is a barbed wire fence, blocking his escape. 

Behind him we can see several other PRISONERS, all wearing the same uniform.
In the BACKGROUND we can see buildings, barracks and a guard tower as well as more wire fencing. Every Nazi worth his salt is running. Bolts of GREEN FLAME shoot from the sky, raining down on the enemy troops.

The PRISONER looks up at the sky slightly, his mouth agape. A PIERCING WHITE LIGHT shines down on his face from above.

Good sometimes flounders. Heroes can be defeated. War takes the innocent.

And God?


His vengeance can consume us all.


  1. Worth the wait good sir, hard hitting stuff. I love to many things about this page to highlight them all so will just pick out something that you do a lot which I always really like.

    You use jump cuts with great confidence and insight, jumping between scenes leaving the last one early and coming into the next one just late enough that its always intriguing. Its a really skill man and one that makes all your short work feel so much more epic and sweeping. Given 22 pages you would be devastating with the scale of story you could tell.

  2. Jeez, this is a really powerful page, and that last panel really hammers everything home. The last panel inparticular is strong, apocolyptic imagery worthy of the material. That you go from the pulp-heroic, to the all-too-human, to the terrible and awesome is sweeping.

    Definitely one of your best, sir. Kudos.


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