Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Flash – The Flash: Earth One: Simple Things – MK Stangeland Jr.

While each of these panels is separate, all of them but panel 1 should also be connected as WALLY WEST zooms from one panel to the next, with color streaks following his movement cutting over the panel dividers to form a single semi-continuous image.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: WALLY WEST’s bedroom. WALLY is still clearly asleep in bed, while his alarm clock shows 7:49.

WALLY WEST: (Text Box) I think my favorite part right now is getting to sleep in every morning.

WALLY WEST (2): (Text Box) Most kids have to get up at 6 or 7 in the morning to get ready for school.

WALLY WEST (3): (Text Box) I can sleep in till 7:50.

Panel 2: Color streaks flow from the bed to where WALLY WEST stands next to it, hands up in the air as he stretches. He’s currently wearing a white T-Shirt and a pair of red and yellow boxer shorts. The alarm clock now shows 7:50.

SFX: (Alarm clock) beep beep! beep beep!

WALLY WEST: (Text Box) I take 30 seconds to stretch so I don’t get cramps…

Panel 3: Panel shows a bathroom. WALLY WEST isn’t seen in this panel, but the color streaks show him running behind a shower curtain to a running shower.

SFX: (Shower) Shhhhhhh…

WALLY WEST: (Text Box) 30 seconds to shower up…

Panel 4: Color streaks flow from the previous panel to this one, where a blurred WALLY is shown wearing a pair of blue jeans while both putting on a school-appropriate T-Shirt and grabbing his backpack.

WALLY WEST: (Text Box) 10 seconds to put my clothes and on get everything I need for the day…

Panel 5: Color streaks flow from the previous panel to where WALLY is sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

WALLY WEST: (Text Box) 2 minutes to eat, but most of that is saying ‘Hi’ to mom and dad in case there’s anything they need to say before I go…

Panel 6: The streets of central city. Color streaks flow to where WALLY is blurred as he delivers a number of punches to a criminal who’s wearing a ski mask and carrying a bag and gun.


WALLY WEST: (Text Box) 5 minutes to run to school, but two of that is in case I need to stop any unfortunate crooks on my way there…

Panel 7: Color streaks flow to where WALLY comes to a screeching halt behind a bush, with CENTRAL CITY CENTRAL HIGH is seen in the background, with other kids walking up the steps to get inside so they can get to class.

WALLY WEST (Text Box) And that still leaves me nearly two minutes to get to class on time without making anyone suspicious.


Some of you might remember that back when we did a week for The Flash (Barry Allen version), I did a script exploring my concept for an Earth One idea, where the concept involved Wally West becoming the Flash first and Barry being a RUNSFAST-free mentor/having sort of a Commissioner Gordon role to his nephew. This is sort of a 'prequel' to that script, being part of the same idea/overall story but happening at an earlier point in time than that previous script.


  1. Probably my favor¡te part ¡s the rap¡d-f¡re mach¡ne-gun punch¡ng (WAK!WAK!WAK!WAK!WAK!). Great snapshot of a k¡d just explor¡ng h¡s powers to best advantage. Fun!

  2. I have to fully agree with Mr. Wonsowski, this page is just oodles of childhood fun.

  3. Solid page that has a kind of Silver Age feel to it tinged with a bit of modernity (mostly where the dialogue/captions are concerned).

    You definitely captured the spirit of the character.


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