Monday, November 5, 2012

The Plutonian - How it Should Have Ended - Ben Rosenthal

1.  FULL PAGE SPLASH – The Plutonian is sitting on a director’s chair, behind the ‘scene’ of the Plutonian finale.  He is addressing the reader as if it were a tv show.


Hi there, I’m The Plutonian.  Some of you out there have voiced displeasure with how my series, IRREDEEMABLE ended.

The cries by the internet labelling it as ‘disappointing’ and ‘droll’ have not fallen on deaf ears.

Here at BOOM! we are all about the fans.  This is why Mr Waid has agreed to ‘do over’ the ending so that it may appease you rabid trolls.

So relax and enjoy the new ending.

*Oh! The perils of only having one page of script a week!
**Although I would love to see the next double page splash of Mark Waid flipping the double bird at the reader.


  1. More! More! A humorous little piece, but does leave me wanting.

    Although I was expecting the Plutonian to turn his speech into a threat towards displeased internet commenters; since those are the very types of people that partly inspired him to write Irredeemable in the first place.

  2. Great behind the scenes set up and wonderful piece of dialogue that had me grinning. The whole fan uproar for endings not being 'right' is an interesting one, case in point the Mass Effect 3 videogame having its ending changed due to fan reaction.

    Personal for good or bad stick to the ending you went with as the creator.

  3. While I don't have anything against you being upset with the ending, I can't say I'm at all pleased by what you've written here. If you'd actually written a page at least hinting at how you think it should have actually ended (as the title of your page suggests it's supposed to be), you might have something.

    But as it is, all I see is a disappointing page where you not-so-subtly complain about getting an ending you don't like and that the readers deserve to have new ending written for them. Again, which wouldn't be nearly so much of a problem if you had instead at least hinted at what you think the new ending should be.

    If you think there's a better ending to be written, then SHOW it to me. Show me that you can do better. Don't just tell me you think the ending was lousy and it could have been done better, show me that you know what's wrong with the old ending and what a new, better ending might potentially be.

    I don't hold it against you for not liking how the ending was written, but I think that what you have here is a major disappointment and a major waste of your page for the week.

  4. Haha, the double deuce does seem an appropriate way to respond to internet criticism over the ending of a series. And a double page splash would make it twice as nice.

    I can see why people were upset about it, but I'm going to go on record and say that it's one of the few parts of the series that I liked. It offered a nice little closure to the loop of the whole thing, with inspiration causing inspiration causing inspiration, if you know what I mean.

  5. I do like the concept, but as is, it's a massive copout.

  6. MK's comment perhaps illustrate my own problems with the page.


    The page itself is about the lack of a good ending or resolution. With only one page serving as setup an 'ending' also isn't present here as such.

    Purposeful or not I kind of dig how 'meta' it all is.


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