Monday, November 12, 2012

The President – Natural Conclusion - Ben Rosenthal

1.  The oval office.  An aide stands with his back to the reader.  He is facing the desk of the President of the United States.  The desk chair is also facing away from the reader so that we cannot see who is sitting it.

Sir, the Asgardians are retreating.

2. A close up of the aide.  He is a blonde haired, blue eyed man of thirty. He looks proud, yet somewhat nervous addressing the President.

With this victory you are almost guaranteed a second term.  Congratulations, Mr President.

THE PRESIDENT (off panel)
No need for such formalities Geoffrey.

3.  The presidential chair has spun around revealing a smirking Norman Osborn.

It’s Norman. Norman Osborn.


  1. Classic build up and a cool pay off. I hit a similar beat with my page, but for a different reason.


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