Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The President Of The United States- Chosen -Dan Hill

Page One

OPEN on a CLOSE UP of a certificate of graduation. We can only see part of the certificate, that it’s for Choate School in Massachusetts and that the person graduating has the surname KENNEDY.

Leadership chooses some at a very young age.

CUT TO a shot of the Lincoln’s Inn Fields building in London (part of the London School of Economics). It’s daytime and people go about their business. Their dress suggests we are in the late 30’s.

A YOUNG MAN with his back to us, arm in arm with a LADY FRIEND, walks towards the buildings entrance.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Land_Registry_Offices,_Lincoln_Inn_Fields.jpg

Like a searing hot poker it places its mark on those ‘born to lead’.

CUT TO a shot of Langdell Hall at Harvard. Again, this is a daytime shot with the dress sense of the STUDENTS passing by suggesting we are in the late 30’s/early 40’s.

The same YOUNG MAN walks towards CAMERA from the hall’s entrance. We can’t see him entirely due to his distance from us, but he doesn’t look too dissimilar to a young JFK.

However, this is in fact his brother, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langdell_Hall

Some see this as a blessing or an honour.

WIDE PANEL: CUT TO a shot of Joseph in silhouette standing in front of a PB4Y-2 parked on an airstrip as the sun rises in the background.

Even from the silhouette we can tell Joseph is in flightgear, his hair blowing in the early morning breeze.

Reference: http://www.hyperscale.com/features/2000/images/images_5/liberatorlg_7.JPG

Others would see this weight of expectation as a curse.

WIDE PANEL: CUT TO a B-24 LIBERATOR (a BQ-8 variant to be exact) flying through the early evening sky.

Reference: http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/app1/bq-8.html

Some are chosen.

Roger that base. We are approximately ten minutes out from bail out, we--

WIDE PANEL: FIXED PANEL. The plane suddenly explodes in a spectacular FIREBALL. 

Some are not.

WIDE PANEL: CUT TO a shot looking up at a young JFK as he sits on the edge of a military bunk, a telegram in his hands.

He rests his elbows on his knees as he tries to take everything in, pale as a sheet.

Some have leadership thrust upon them.

Not sure I really pulled this one off. For more on the 'story' behind this one, go here:


  1. You pulled this off in my mind Dan. Pretty much every panel is played just right, each building on the last as you us the captions tell the under current of what we are seeing.

    One thing for me I'd drop panel 6. Its the most in your face moment of the page and I feel if you don't show the explosion just the reaction of JFK in the last panel, you convey what happened a little more subtly and you let JFK's emotion take centre stage as the bog beat, not the explosion.

    Thats just my two cents. I dug the page a lot.

  2. Remarkable page. Great build-up and stunning twist. I'd respectfully disagree with Shaun and say that the explosion adds to the shock precisely because it is out of step with the rest of the page's tone.

    1. I can see your point J.D and maybe your correct, with the right artist is would look great. Just in my head the explosion was more action movie, less haunting and real.


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