Sunday, November 11, 2012

The President of the United States – The Super President Action Force Team – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: Exterior panel in the upper atmosphere over the UNITED STATES. Taking up the majority of the panel is SPACESHIP ONE, which looks kind of like the WHITE HOUSE if it were a spaceship instead of a building.

An explosion has erupted from one end, though it’s not a powerful enough explosion to cripple the ship.


Panel 2: Interior panel, the bridge of SPACESHIP ONE – it’s effectively a cross between the oval office and the bridge of the starship ENTERPRISE (one or more of them – the best features of each, probably).

This panel focuses on FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT (FDR), who is sitting at an information computer terminal. He’s dressed in suit and has his head looking over his shoulder as he shouts to GEORGE WASHINGTON, who is off panel.

FDR: GENERAL WASHINGTON, we’ve been ambushed by CommuNazi Terrorists!

Panel 3: Panel shows the central portion of the bridge. GEORGE WASHINGTON, the captain of SPACESHIP ONE and the leader of everyone here, is seated in the captains chair – and the chair should most obviously be a captains chair that non-verbally communicates “this is where the captain sits” by the way it’s designed. ABRAHAM LINCOLN sits in a chair nearby in the XO’s chair. WASHINGTON is dressed in a Revolutionary era generals uniform but with somewhat modernized look to it, while LINCOLN is in a basic but appropriate suit and wearing a stovepipe hat.

In the background we can see DWIGHT D. EISNEHOWER standing at a control station for the ships security officer. He’s wearing a WWII era generals uniform.

EISENHOWER: CommuNazi Terrorists?

EISENHOWER (2): The worst kind of scum!

Panel 4: WASHINGTON has stood up from his chair as he gives orders. The way he’s standing and the angle of the panel should make him look as heroic, leader like, and presidential as possible.

WASHINGTON: We cannot let this stand!

WASHINGTON (2): Alert all teams!


Panel 5: Close up on WASHINGTON’s face as he looks at FDR and gives one more order. The intention is the make this panel look as dramatic as possible and give the words as much weight as possible, signifying that what he’s saying means something big.



(This was actually the second script I worked on for this week.

See, I knew I wanted to pick the President of the United States around the time of the election months ago, and when I first started thinking about it, Marvel was starting it's "Divided We Fall" thing in its Ultimate Comics, which led to a line of thinking involving Ultimate Carol Danvers becoming president and Tony building her a suit of armor which would be kind of a mix between Ultimate Iron Patriot and Ultimate Rescue. That WAS the script I was going to write for this week.

But in the time since then we've had both Ultimate Captain America become president AND the reveal that Ultimate Iron Patriot is on his way, so the two of them combined kind of scratched that idea entirely. So instead I came up with the fun little replacement script you see above.

Thing is, I also had a piece of concept art I was putting together to go with the script showing what I imagined President Danver's Iron Patriot One armor would look like, and since I already had it in the works by the time I needed to change my script, I figured I might as well get a presentable version of it together as a little bonus anyway, which is the main reason my script is a little late this week.

So here's a little bonus art that really doesn't have anything to do with my script from above, but does serve as a look at what could have been (and what was going to be) my script for this week:)


  1. Super fun concept, that you made really work. Spaceship one is just a killing gag. I would totally reward the on going adventures of this as a webcomic.

    The idea for your original script sounded really intriguing as well. I'd love to see the script if you have it anyway? Damn Marvel ruining it for you though. haha

    1. I never actually wrote out the original script, but I did have a version written out in my head. It mostly involved Carol and Tony talking to one another, with her pointing out the suit could be used offensively if she started hitting people with it, asking Tony if he knew what he was doing considering the last time he gave someone a suit of armor (referencing Black Widow), and Tony pointing out that if SHE betrayed them, they'd have bigger things to worry about than her owning a suit of his armor.

  2. Very funny idea, similar to one of my ideas for this week of all the presidents together (I think I'm gonna go with another one though). Either great minds think alike or this is some kind of Fight Club situation.

  3. I'm actually kind of happy that your original idea got deep-sixed by Marvel's real life publications, because this is one of the most fun things ever. I'd happily read the ongoing adventures of the Super President Action Force Team because it looks like it would be a wale of a time. Awesome stuff.

    1. If anyone knows an artist that'd be happy to draw such a comic with no guarantee of getting anything financially out of it that they'd be willing to point in my direction, then I'd be more than happy to try making it a regular thing.

  4. You really need to do this as a webcomic or one-shot or something. This is the most over-the-top fun thing you've done, and just begs to be done. More S.P.A.F.T. please!!!

    1. Again, if anyone can point an artist who'd be willing to draw said comic with no guarantee of being paid for it in my direction, I'd be happy to give it a shot.


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