Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Presidents of the United States of America - Cover - Grant McLaughlin

1 - 1930s America.  Two characters are emerging from New York's Radio City Music Hall.  One is Chris, a young and bald man dressed in a three piece suit and fedora.  The other is a classy starlet who is also dressed to the nines.  She hangs on his arm and the two look happy together.  A shadowy figure lurks in the background, as yet unseen by the beaming couple.

CHRIS: That was an amazing performance this evening, darling.

2 - The shadowy figure emerges from the shadows.  He is also dressed in fancy, era-appropriate clothing, but he has a television for a head (think The One Electronic or Prince Robot IV).  He stands in front of the couple, firing a revolver at the starlet.  She is struck by the bullet and falls from Chris' arms.  Chris is terrified by what's happening.

SHADOWY FIGURE: Sic semper tyrannis!

3 - The video-headed man runs off into the night.  Chris kneels on the ground, holding the dying woman in his arms.  He looks heartbroken.  She looks to be in a bad way.  Have them literally spotlit under one of the streetlights.  Some rain begins to fall.

CHRIS: Stay with me, baby.  Stay with me.

STARLET: Christopher, I'll always lov--

4 - The rain falls harder.  The starlet is no more.  Chris, while still heartbroken, is now also filled with rage and determination.  He looks towards where the shadowy figure ran off, but the figure is long gone.

CHRIS: You'll pay for this, Video.

5 - Present day.  The Chris from the first four panels is Chris Ballew, lead vocalist and bassitarist for the Presidents of the United States of America.  He's in a playing space with bandmates Jason Finn and Andrew McKeag.  They were clearly in the middle of a jam session, as each holds or sits at their respective instruments, but they've paused for some storytelling.  Andrew looks incredulous.  Chris looks earnest, not recognizing the ridiculousness of his words.

ANDREW: Look, I know I wasn't in the band back then, but everyone knows that it was a cover of the Buggles' song.

CHRIS: Yeah, but my version of the story is way more interesting.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, MK. From the moment you made your choice, I knew my script would have to be about the band. Glad you approve.

  2. As MK said well played.Great curve ball of a page. It finds the choice even if its just in name. All that really matters is this is a great page. You open with a strange almost noir narrative which in and of itself is a cool little story, then you pull back to the bigger picture of the band and the pay off of where you have taken this weeks choice, very nice work.

  3. She's Lump!
    She's Lump!
    She's Lump!
    She's in my head!


  4. This is fantastic. I love the choice of setting at the start and how it all ties in together at the end.



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