Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Spectre – The Pick Up – Shaun Richens.

(This is a Vertigo take on the character. I feel the whole spirit of vengeance thing seems perfect for the darker grittier vertigo imprint.)


1. A 2012 Dodge Dart in black sits parked outside a Police station similar to this. Its late at night and dark, the rain has just started to fall.

        VINCENT (Inside the Dodge):
He said he’d been released, so why the hell have I been sat here with my thumb up my ass for the last half hour.
2. Pull in tight on the door to the police station. HARRY has just walked out, he is wearing a damn fine suit with a nice pair of shoes to go with it; his hair is short and fashionable as is his designer stubble. He pulls the collar of his jacket up to shield himself from the rain.

         NO COPY.

3. Over HARRY’s shoulder looking down and into the now open back door to the Dodge, we can see VINCENT (who is in an equally fine suit, but with much less hair and youth about him) leaning into the view to talk to HARRY.

         ‘Bout damn time Harry.

4. Two shot in the back of the Dodge. HARRY sits to VINCENT’s left. HARRY looks really pleased with himself, smug almost.

So what happened? Your dad just calls me up, middle of the night, tells me to come pick you up.         

They couldn’t make the charges stick. Once my pa paid off the witness they had no evidence to go on. It’s like I never hit her. They can’t even place me in the car.

5. Close up on VINCENT.

         VINCENT 1:
         You’re lucky your dad is who he is.
         VINCENT 2:
         Hey Marvin drive us over to Harry’s will ya.

6. We see in the rear view mirror, looking back at VINCENT and HARRY the dark green glowing eyes of the SPECTRE.

I am here for vengeance against your lack of repentance.

7. Close up on the car door locks as the slam down shut.

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  1. I like the idea of a Vertigo take on The Spectre and this is a solid page. Personally, I would have liked the page to spend more time with Harry and his lack of remorse etc over what he's done.

    This way, when the payoff of the Spectre's reveal at the end comes we want it so much more.


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