Friday, November 23, 2012

The Spectre - Sins of the Father - J.D. Coughlan

Two normal panels at the top, one large panel taking up most of the page.

Panel 1: The Spectre staring at something off-panel, just behind the viewer. He is basked in a white light and is straining his eyes. There is only a void behind him.

SPECTRE: I have punished many sinners, sought vengeance for many crimes, but there is one that I have allowed to go on too long...

Panel 2: Closer on the Spectre, he is angrier.

SPECTRE: Untold millions have died because of you, at your stubborn idea of justice...

Panel 3: Large. Reverse POV. The Spectre hangs in the void, pointing an accusing finger at a great white light. This is The Voice; the Spectre's "boss."

SPECTRE: (Large) No more!



  1. This is a ballsy idea, but I like that you went for it. For some reason the page makes me think of The Silver Surfer turning on Galctus, and thats not a bad thing.

    The visual of the page being almost washed out in white highlights the sheer force that the Spectre has gone up against which is a very nice touch.

  2. Sweet Cheezus McCree and 50 Shades of Custer, JD! This really flashed me back to my days of Preacher and the Saint of Killers. Just...

    (AZ sits back and slow-claps)

    What really sells it is the fact that you handle it with minimum background, minimal detail, and you just go for the throat. Dude...

    (AZ sits back and slow-claps some more)

  3. A good build up to that last reveal told with the bare minimum of detail (which is in no way a bad thing).

    Good page!


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