Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wally West - Band on the Run - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1:  Establishing shot of the Van Buren Bridge that connects Central City and Keystone City, night.  We are on the Keystone City side which is the more blue-collar industrial town of the two.  The cloudy night sky is flashing lightning in the distance...

CAPTION:  3X2 past Flashpoint.

CAPTION:  "...can't outrun the Sideways Men forever, Wallace..."

Panel 2:  Under the bridge, hiding behind the steel struts, an older man (around 45 years old) with rusty blonde hair greying at the temples.  He's wearing a dark blue body suit, but his face is hidden in shadow.  He has the build of a middleweight boxer in his prime, and his body language is angry annoyance as he points towards us.

BLUE:  ...M space is nothing to them, jumping between branes as easy as meditation...

WORD BALLOON:  (from off-panel)  Maybe for you.  I always had a hard time staying still...

BLUE:  ...and when they find us, they will kill us!  Have you ever seen someone get "folded"?

Panel 3:  A young woman (between 25 and 30) statuesque and athletically voluptuous, with long black curly hair in a dark red bodysuit.  (a good photo reference would be Leryn Franco: )  Her face is hidden as well as she comes out of hiding from the rocks.

WORD BALLOON: (from off-panel)  I'm not worried about getting "folded", Vic.  I'm worried about us.  This timeline didn't recall us.

RED:  Is that why I can't remember anything before we got here?  I can't remember anything...

WORD BALLOON: (from off-panel)  The Sideways Men have been screwing with your timeline for a while.  Your history was a Gordian knot.  Now it's a blank.

Panel 4:  A slender man with a runner's build and red hair, face hidden as he peers around a support.  He wears a yellow body suit, and looks ready to make a dash.

YELLOW:  Besides, we can't worry about that now.  All that concerns me right now is finding Gabriel Walker.  Anyways...

Panel 5:  Running out from under the bridge, towards us:  WALLY WEST leading DONNA TROY, and VIC SAGE, up the rocky hill, the bridge and the river behind them.

WALLY:  ...they can't kill you if you were never born.


  1. Loved this page. Firstly, these sideways men, are they a creation of your own? I couldn't find any reference to them. They way they add a great menace to the page and your storyline here that really worked for me.

    The set up, pacing and final reveal are all so well handled. I would love to see how all this played out.

    1. Alan Moore and Warren Ellis both had written something along the lines of how we would perceive higher dimensional beings as 3-dimensional cross-sections of themselves. The Sideways Men are mine, but inspired by Moore and Ellis's suppositions. If ever I get a chance to do a time-travel story, you bet I'm using them.


    2. They make for a great villain. The idea personally brought to mind some of the new Dr Who villains.


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