Monday, November 26, 2012

Wally West - Benched - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A teenage Wally West stands on a football field at his high school.  He holds a gridiron ball looking at it as he turns it over in his hands.

Ever get the feeling you were meant for something more?

2.  Wally is in the middle of throwing the ball as hard and as far as he can.

Somewhere. Deep down in your gut--

3.  A view from behind Wally’s shoulder as he watches the ball from a distance as it falls to the ground.  It is roughly 6 feet from the ground at this stage. 

--you just know--

4.  Wally is standing in the spot he was just looking at, having caught the ball.  He looks impressed and dumbfounded at the same time.


You’re special.


  1. Th¡s actually makes sense to me as a great way to reboot the character. Also rem¡nds me of Donner's "punt" from the f¡rst Superman mov¡e. l really d¡g ¡t.

  2. Great scene to capture that wonder of being young and discovering something about yourself. This works on so many levels as a reintroduction of the character. I could totally see this as page one of a zero issue to bring the character back.

  3. This reminds me almost of a CW-esque ground level take on the character. I could see this scene forming the basis of a teaser trailer (or page, sticking to the medium).


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