Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wally West – Kid Flash Point – Shaun Richens.


1. WALLY WEST in the classic KID FLASH get up, heroic smile on his face, the background all a blur of yellow and red as he speeds off to the rescue.

Kid Flash, that’s what they called me. I was just as quick as the real deal.

2. DONNA TROY in her WONDER GIRL outfit stands side by side with WALLY still in his KID FLASH costume as they prepare to face off against some unseen foe.

         CAPTION WEST:
         She was the real deal too.


         CAPTION WEST 1:
         I miss her.

         CAPTION WEST 2:
         I miss it all.

4. Close up on WALLY WEST, he is young, around the age when he originally got the KID FLASH powers. He is looking right at us.

        WALLY WEST:
        How can I miss something that never happened?

        WALLY WEST:
       It's all so real to me. It’s as real as walking here this morning.

5. Pull back to show WALLY sat in the office of a therapist. His head in his hands. The THERAPIST sits with his back to us facing WALLY.

It is all going to be ok Wally. We are going to talk this all through.

6. Outside of the THERAPISTS office looking in through the glass panel in the door. WALLY looks angry, his hands clenched into fists.

         WALLY 1:
         Talk this through? You don’t understand.
         WALLY 2:
         I just want it to be real. I want to go back.


  1. Unbelievably phenomenal. Reminds me of Grant Morrison's last Doom Patrol issue, but this actually hit me deeper. You managed to make me really sympathize and feel for Wally and his emotional torture, that frustration and anger and want...

    This is a powerful page you constructed, Sir. Take a bow.

  2. Another nice piece of meta commentary (I think).

    You get across Wally's frustration in the page. Good work.


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