Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wally West - Those Left Behind - Grant McLaughlin

All the panels are blank, reminiscent of the empty white panels from Crisis on Infinite Earths.  The main way of differentiating between where one ends and where one begins would be the gutters, although those could be a little unclear at times - maybe have captions, word balloons, or images bleed from one into the other.  All captions would be written in red ink, without a box to go around them.  As well, feel free to depict Wally from various odd angles, changing from one panel to the next, if you think that would add to the page.

1 - A blank panel, spanning the top third of the page.  The caption is written in the very centre of the panel.

CAPTION (WALLY): Things move in a funny way here.

2 - A blank panel inset towards the right-hand side of panel 1.  There looks to be something in the far, far distance, but it could also be mistaken for a red smudge on the paper.

CAPTION (WALLY): Wherever here is.

WALLY (so faintly it looks like it's fading away): Jai?

3 - The red speck / blur is getting closer and bigger, but it - like the word balloons - seems to be fading in and out of existence.

CAPTION (WALLY): Feels like I'm always on the move, but I can't tell if I'm making any progress.

WALLY (closer, but still faded): Iris?

4 - The red speck / blur is closer still, now clearly Wally West.  The fading seems to be stopping as he progresses.

WALLY (near normal "volume"): Iris?

CAPTION (WALLY): Or how long I've been going for.

5 - Wally is going at full speed, with some blur trails (or ghosts - whichever you prefer) standing behind him as he races across the blank world.  He seems to have stopped fading, now entirely there.  A look of determination is on his face.

CAPTION (WALLY): All I know is that it hasn't been long enough.


  1. A visual bleak and haunting page full of metaphor and motif. Subtle, dark yet with an uplifting end. A strong page that says a lot with very little. I dig this.

  2. Excellent visuals going on here and a nice meta-commentary on Wally's current predicament.

    Simple but haunting.

  3. Man - Wally's tw¡ns - Th¡s really taps ¡nto that pr¡mal fear of a parent when they can't f¡nd the¡r k¡ds - and that just makes Wally's pred¡cament terr¡fy¡ng.

    Got the heeby-jeeb¡es...


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