Friday, November 30, 2012

Wally West - Where In The World Is Wally West? - Niel Jacoby

Panel 1: We see Wally running fast in some sort of desert locale(blurred due to speed), decked out in a camouflage version of his outfit.

Caption: Wallace West, the government's first line of defense. A one man army, because at his speed, a second person would just slow him down.

Caption: Debuting in...

Inset Panel: Wally reading Men Of War #8, confused.

Caption: ...Men of War #9.

Panel 2: Wally, hollow-eyed, skeletal, pale, and wearing a pitch black version of his costume runs after Mitch Shelley.

Caption: Wally West, a man trapped between life and death, forced to run eternally. Can Mitch Shelly dodge... THE BLACK RACER?

Caption: We'll see in...

Inset panel: Wally reading Resurrection Man #0, annoyed.

Caption: ...Resurrection Man #13.

Panel 3: Wally and Jaime Reyes stand back to back in fighting poses, an unclear, shadowy enemy all around them.

Caption: Wally West, an old friend Jaime Reyes didn't know he had, unwittingly brings with him an unearthly threat. Well, maybe not this Earth...

Caption: Catch the tag-team action in...

Inset panel: Blue Beetle #17 flies past the camera, having been thrown by Wally West, who we can see leaving the panel.

Caption: ...Blue Beetle #18.

Wally(OP): Screw this, maybe Hellblazer's got a place for me. I think I could pull off a trenchcoat pretty well, and I do an alright English accent. Ello, Guv'na! Fancy a spo' of cricke', won'tcha?

Panel 4: From offscreen, someone holds out Hellblazer #300 to Wally, who is crestfallen.

Caption: You're not gonna like this...

Wally: Buggah awl.


  1. HA! A perfect ending to Nu52 Wally West Week. Nicely Done.

  2. Another meta script. I really liked this one too.

    I would totally read the Panel One title.


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