Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why The Spectre?

Because divine retribution is a beautiful thing.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey, The Spectre is a dead cop who becomes the dude God calls when he needs to lay down some fire and brimstone steez. Not even fire and brimstone, but pillar of salt, mauled by 2 bears, sword all the way through the belly and out the back Old Testament grody. It's not a drone strike, it's a vivisection, with a bad pun to add insult to poetic death.

They say the best revenge is living well, but some wordplay and poetic justice is a happy second best.





    PANEL 1

    Night time, we are over looking a bridge that is high over a rushing river. Standing on it's edge looking down is a MAN in a ragged suit, a bottle of vodka in his right hand.

    CAPTION- Poinephobia; the abnormal fear of punishment.

    PANEL 2

    Close up of the MAN'S face, unshaven and drunk, tears filling his eyes. On his cheeks are scratch marks, fresh with wet blood.

    CAPTION- Suffers can not stand the thought of the terrible consequences their actions can incur.

    PANEL 3

    The MAN jumps. Everything becomes a blur as the wind rushes past him, his clothes flapping about. The only things that are clear are himself and a patch of river water waiting to greet him.

    CAPTION- Some will go to any lengths to avoid them.

    PANEL 4

    We are at the river level looking down stream. A full white moon seems to take up most of the night sky. The MAN'S GHOST rises from the water. A spectral form, same as he died, but now relieved and happy. He doesn't notice however THE SPECTRE, standing behind him, his cape raised in his hands like a bird of prey, his face without compassion.

    CAPTION- After all, who can punish the dead?

    1. Poinephobie was something i'd never heard of but makes for a fun idea to base this script around. The final panel has a lot of wonderful imagery to it as well as being a great beat to go out on.

  2. Like your other page (Wally West) this has a Silver Age vibe to it. But it also reminded me of a Twilight Zone ep or an old EC Comic. Good stuff.


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