Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Wally West?

Because SHENANIGANS! on the New 52 for leaving him (and fellow Titan, Donna Troy) out of their universe or whatever...

I should probably state that Barry was always my favourite Flash, but Marv Wolfman (in New Teen Titans), and Mark Waid and Geoff Johns (in Flash), among others, told some nifty stories, taking Wally on a life's-path that I found myself relating to:  young adult trying to step out of a father-figure's shadow, becoming his own man by embracing family traditions after having rejected them.

Now, to be fair, iFanboy did a killer overview on Wally, and at the end of the column, Jeff Reid made the point that Wally did not need to be rebooted, because he had fulfilled the Hero's Journey, having gone from derivative sidekick to Teen Titan to legacy hero, and finally claiming the mantle fully as his own.

 (The whole great article can be found at -

But still, I cannot help but think that there is still a place for him in this DCnU, so my challenge to all you ThoughtBallooners is this:

Where in the world is post-Flashpoint Wally?
What is he doing out there in the New 52?
Is he hanging out with other forgotten favourites, like the aforementioned Donna, or Stephanie Brown?
Playing "Gotcher nose" with the Question or clinging to Static?
Is he still speeding?  Is he normal?  Or at least unpowered?

You at home can play too!  Just leave your scripts in the comments below!

And now...The Further Adventures of WALLY WEST!





    PANEL 1
    CENTRAL CITY Skyline at Night. The City is lit up despite the lateness, it all looks busy.

    CAPTION 1- My name is Wally West...

    CAPTION 2- I USED to be the fastest man alive...

    PANEL 2
    Same shot as before but the view is now from a window.

    CAPTION- Now I am the slowest...

    PANEL 3
    Further back into the room, window in the background. It's a hospital room and we can see WALLY WEST laying in a bed, hooked up to a series of life preserving machines. A figure can be seen silhouetted next to the window.

    CAPTION- It takes me an hour just to blink...

    PANEL 4
    Close up on WALLY'S face, frozen with a blank face. Mask over his face.

    CAPTION 1- Please... Somebody...

    CAPTION 2- Help me...

  2. Wow. This has a great "Johnny Got His Gun" creepy sense of foreboding. I wonder where this would go from here...very cool.

  3. Damn this is a dark page. A character literally and metaphorically on life support not here or their, great central concept pulled off with style.

    Very nice page Mr. Ford.

  4. This has a kind of creepy Silver Age vibe about it. I like it!

  5. I'd just like to take a moment to welcome you to thought balloons, Mr. Ford. I think it's been a while since we've seen anyone new posting around these parts, and do I hope that you enjoy your stay for as long as you're here. :^)

  6. I have actually posted before but then had a bit of a pause. I still wrote some scripts but didn't get round to uploading them. Will probably post them somewhere down the line. Hoping to keep recurring from now on though.


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