Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halo - Protector - Grant McLaughlin

1 - A shot of deep space.  Floating in the vast nothingness is the portion of the "Forward Unto Dawn" that the Master Chief and Cortana were stuck in between Halo 3 and Halo 4.  That ship is the main focus of panel.  It's a little hard to see the ship, as minimal power is on and there isn't anything nearby in the surrounding space.

CAPTION (CORTANA): You've saved us all from so much.

2 - Interior of the ship.  It's the same room from the ending of Halo 3 (this one).  The Master Chief remains asleep in the cryo-chamber.  Cortana stands at the same pedestal.  However, time has clearly past.  The ship is cold and frozen.  The lights are low from drained power.  It's clear that Cortana is the only one who's been doing much of anything in the last however long it's been.  Despite my example picture, this panel is angled from the side, with Cortana on the left of the panel looking towards the cryo-chamber on the right.  The Chief is not actually visible from this angle.  The captions fill the space between the two.

CAPTION (CORTANA) (1): The Covenant.

CAPTION (CORTANA) (2): The Flood.

CAPTION (CORTANA) (3): The Forerunner.

CAPTION (CORTANA) (4): To name but a few.

3 - Close-up of Cortana.  She looks sad and concerned.  Maybe a little lost.  If you're far enough out, have her hugging herself, as if against the cold (even if she can't feel it).

CAPTION (CORTANA): But when this is all over - when your fight is finally finished --

4 - Close-up of the cryo-chamber in which the Chief remains asleep.  Although the glass is icy and fogged and the room is dark, you can see the Chief's face (helmet) through the glass - just barely.  It's faint, kind of like a ghost.

CAPTION (CORTANA): Who's going to save you?


  1. I liked this one, it's a nice glimpse into the relationship between MC and Cortana and the question posed at the end is one very much in the vein of the series (I got a Halo 3 vibe from it, personally).

  2. Panels 3 and 4 are so strong. You show the complex and slightly unusually relationship between MC and Cortana in two visually interesting snapshots, the idea of Cortana hugging herself is a subtle idea but one that really adds to the emotion and haunting quality to the page.


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