Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Planet of the Apes – Baker & Grodd’s Bogus Adventure! – MK Stangeland Jr.

AKA: Detour to the Planet of the Apes

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: ANIMAL MAN and GORILLA GRODD are in a separated cage, with APE SOLDIERS and a CHIMP in a suit – LOZAR - standing around them. LOZAR is pointing at GRODD.

LOZAR: Why is he in a cage?

COMMANDER YONGK: He attacked us. Violently.

ANIMAL MAN: You’ll have to forgive my…companion. He…

Panel 2: LOZAR turns to look at ANIMAL MAN. GRODD has a ‘I’m surrounded by morons’ look on his face.

LOZAR: He speaks?

GRODD (1): Of course he speaks, you idiot.

GRODD (2): It’s silencing him that is the difficult part.

Panel 3: LOZAR glares at GRODD.

LOZAR: Hmm…such disrespect.

Panel 4: GRODD reaches out of his cage in attempt to grab LOZAR. LOZAR backs off defensively to protect himself and keep from getting grabbed. The soldiers in the background have their weapons at the ready.


GRODD (2): Release me, and I’ll show you disrespect!

Panel 5: Beat panel. LOZAR looks at GRODD with a shocked look on his face.

Panel 6: LOZAR recomposes himself.

SFX: (LOZAR, clearing his throat.) Heh-hem

LOZAR (1): Well then. Have this…beast locked up. We’ll deal with him later.

LOZAR (2): Have the human brought to my office.

Panel 7: ANIMAL MAN and GRODD next to each other in their cages. GRODD looks furious. ANIMAL MAN has a ‘I told you so’ look to him.

ANIMAL MAN (1): It’s like I said, Mr. Grodd.

ANIMAL MAN (2): You have anger issues.



  1. The sooner you get to write this for real the better. I adore this team up and you write it in a way that shows you clearly love it as well.

    The back and forth you have between them is wonderful, funny and brings to mind some of my all time favourite buddy movies.

    Your set up and use of these characters in this world is a stroke of genius.

    Also I am kicking myself for not seeing it coming, despite your previous team up of these characters.

    1. I didn't see it coming myself until a couple days ago. :^b

  2. There's some excellent interplay at work here between the two characters.

    It's Midnight Run set in the DCU. With animals.

  3. HA!

    Br¡ll¡ant ¡dea - well executed. l would k¡ll to see a one-shot of th¡s.

  4. This page is made of so much win. I love your wacky pieces so much, MK, and this one is no exception. Hilarious.


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