Friday, December 21, 2012

Planet of the Apes - The Greatest Treasure We Bury is Truth - J.D. Coughlan

NOTE: This takes place in movie continuity, a few years before Taylor's arrival.

Panel 1: A close-up of a black-and-white photograph of several smiling people in front of the Eiffel Tower; obviously tourists. An ape's hand holds the photo.

ZAIUS (O.P.): You have more like this?

Panel 2: Dr. Zaius' office, he is behind his desk, holding the photo. A young chimpanzee, Vertas, stands in front of him, barely containing his excitement.

VERTAS: Oh yes! Our dig uncovered hundreds like it, in some kind of... capsule. And they all say the same thing...

Panel 3: Close on Dr. Zaius. He holds his hand to his face, deep in serious thought.

VERTAS (O.P.): That once man was like ape.

Panel 4: Zaius is rising from his desk.

ZAIUS: And only you and your team know about this?

VERTAS: Absolutely. I know how revolutionary this could be for our society, so I came to you first, for guidance.

Panel 5: Zaius politely gestures for Vertas to leave.

ZAIUS: Wise, my boy. Now, return to your companions, and remain silent on this. I shall... prepare a speech for all apekind.

Panel 6: Vertas leaving, a smile on his face. Over his shoulder we see Zaius giving him a grim look.

VERTAS: You will make sure we get the proper credit, won't you, Doctor Zaius?

ZAIUS: Oh don't worry; you'll all get what you deserve.



  1. Th¡s would be a perfect f¡t for a scene ¡n the or¡g¡nal f¡lm ser¡es. N¡ce page.

  2. The dialogue is so well paced and handled here. You hit great beats in each panel and go out with a subtle, yet very dark ending. I dig this.

  3. Love this. It dovetails nicely with the events from the original and you have the tone of the film and character down pat.

  4. So much dramatic irony! I love the time capsule reference and Dr. Zaius' carefully chosen words. Solid page, JD.


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