Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Planet of the Apes - Holding Up the Mirror - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot.  We are outside a hut in Ape City.  It's not the fanciest of huts, but it does look pretty good, implying that the residents within live a pretty comfortable ape-lifestyle.

SIKESIA (from within): I just don't understand, Corleo.

2 - Inside the hut.  We see a male ape (Corleo), standing and looking out the window, frustration on his face.  He appears to be in a bedroom, although no one else is visible at the moment.

CORLEO (1): I need to do something, Sikesia!  I can't stand by and watch our society's inequality continue to grow.

CORLEO (2): There is no reason an orangutan should have more opportunity than a chimpanzee.  There is no reason that gorillas should be limited to positions of physical strength.

3 - Corleo turns around to look at Sikesia.  She sits on the bed, looking back at him in concern.  She is a chimpanzee and she is Corleo's lover.

CORLEO: Most of all, there is no reason that we should have to hide our love.

4 - Sikesia has moved to Corleo's side.  She is trying to comfort him, while also wondering what has come over the ape.

SIKESIA (1): But you've been a solider your entire life!  Your father was a solider, as was his father before him.

SIKESIA (2): Why would you want to turn your back on that?

5 - Corleo looks at his lover.  He returns her affection, but part of his mind is clearly elsewhere.

CORLEO (1): The violence of our forefathers' times is no longer the way of things.  Might doesn't necessarily make right.

CORLEO (2): If we want to change the world...

6 - A different room within the hut.  It's a study.  There's a desk filled with papers that are, in turn, filled with writings.  There's a stack of papers that make up a manuscript.  On the title page is "An Ape is An Ape" with "Written by Corleo" underneath.

CAPTION (CORLEO): ...first we must change ourselves.


  1. A thoroughly thought provoking page. You set up a lot of interesting concepts and characters in just one page. We have lovers how shouldn't be together, a man fighting against his position in life, and the revelation that he plans to use words and not his strength for would could be the first time in his life.

    Such a great page.

  2. This is actually pretty awesome. I hadn't even thought of playing with the internal politics inside the ape's caste system.

    Good stuff!


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